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The Slater Family

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The Slater Family include

Mo Harris

Charlie Slater

Harry Slater

Lynne Slater

Zoe Slater

Maureen Morgan

Kat Slater

Belinda Slater

Eastenders Revealed have a Slater Family special - This quick extract is how some of the cast felt about the introduction of Belinda


(added Feb 14th)


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Hear the moment when Kat tells Zoe she is her mother.

Jessie Wallace talks about her school days

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Jessie Wallace describes what it has been like working on the abuse storyline in ...

"Kat's ordeal really got to me"


Jessie Wallace wins best Newcomer at the TVQuick awards!

The night before the wedding lasts  a whole week. Start reading what happened here


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The Slater Family.

 See inside the house and see what BBC some viewers think.

A thank you - I started this site last year as a personal project.  Unfortunately I do not have the time to spend on it anymore, so there will be no more updates.  I wish to thank everyone who has made this site the success it has been of the past twelve months, and long live the Slaters!

A Christmas Shocker!!

Find out what is in store for Little Mo this Christmas


Jessie Wallace describes briefly what it was like working on the Kat/Harry/Zoe storlyline.

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this story, you can contact the NSPCC free on their 24 hour hotline 0808 800 5000  - or visit

Alex Ferns Answers some question



After Zoe tells the family she intends to go to Minorca with Uncle Harry, Kat decides to tell Zoe the truth about her mother- and her father



Ricky Groves and Alex Ferns rehearse a fight scene set after Barry's 40th birthday.

See the pictures as Radio Times goes backstage

The Inside interview- Ricky Groves-  Read his account here

Hear what Hannah has to say about Ricky!

An Apology - If you seem to be having trouble getting onto this site, this is because it is a free site from Yahoo and has a limit as to how many people can view it per hour.

Leanne Lakey is believed to be the missing face of Belinda Slater

JESSIE WALLACE describes one of her best boobs in 'confessions of a soap star'


Elaine Lordan Names her favourite tune


That Was ....

Last Month

The Slaters

Harry asks Peggy to Marry him and move to Minorca with him, to help run his bar.

Lynne and Garry prepare for the wedding.  Garry doesn't post the wedding invites and they end up in Sharon's skip.  Lynne, Zoe and Kat try on their dresses but they are hideous.   Garry also takes on extra work to help pay for a better honeymoon.  This makes him miss the wedding rehearsal and Lynne calls the wedding off- so he has to propose again.

Pauline sacks Zoe from the stall in favour of Martin.  Zoe falls for Jamie's tricks again and ends up hurt- again.  Zoe decides to go to Minorca with Harry.

Other news

Audrey Trueman dies.  Paul and Anthony's father turns up for the funeral.  Audrey left all her money to Paul in her will.

Martin and Asif spent a day/night in Soho.  Asif lost his virginity and Martin made friends with a gay guy.

Steve Owen turned gangster as he tried to rob a money laundering outfit.  He vowed to find Melanie with the money he stole.

Mark agrees to be Garry's best man.

Janine tries to lure Terry into bed, and then leaves after being rejected.  She returns a business woman and demands rent from Roy at the car lot

What happened last Year:


The Slater family grieved once more on the first anniversary of Viv Slater's death.


 They also came to Sonia's aid when she gave birth

Mo had been handling stolen property and got herself arrested.  She also found out about Frank and Pat's affair and had an argument with her in the street

Lynne has been finding it hard working with Janine at the cafe.  She also tried to fix Charlie up with Pauline which backfired.

Kat had men problems as Robbie was fawning after her and Kevin chained himself to the gate.  She flirted with Steve and tried to seduce him.  Even though she failed, she still used it to wind Mel up.

Maureen started a job working at the Vic as a cleaner.

Zoe started a job on Mark's stall and has been managing it whilst he has been away


Quote of the Week :


A Joke from Dot


"A bloke went to a fancy dress party with a naked woman attached to his back.  The host asks 'What have you come as?'

'A snail' was the reply.

'Then why have you got a woman on your back?'

'That's not a woman- said the bloke, 'That's Michelle!'"

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