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Since I recently bought so many darned pairs of baseball socks for the softball league, I have decided to sell a lot of my white tube and soccer socks. So, if you are interested, make any reasonable offer over $10 plus shipping and I will send you a pair of: Champion, Gold Toe or Wigwam white tube socks; kelly Nike Global soccer; navy and red Nike Hoops; white, or black Twin Cities; white w/royal stripes, gold w/ white, red w/white or dark green w/white Adidas Copa; Umbo white w/black and white w/navy Primeros; maroon w/white or navy w/red strip rugby socks. The team soccer socks such as the Ajax are not for sale though. Thanks!

THE SITE: this site is for all those guys out there who are turned on by masculine, well-built athletic feet/legs being shown off in soccer/baseball, boot and OTC dress/sheer socks. All the pix are of my socked feet (except for the bondage pix), and they represent a small part of my sock collection. I choose not to post face or full body pix since my pix have been plagiarized and abused in the past.

ME: I am a GWM, 36, 6", 200, solid muscular build, clean cut and shaven, size 10.5 feet, large calves and big thighs, naturally masculine and unaffected, live in San Francisco. I have had a socks fetish as long as I can remember (if it feels good, embrace it! -- just remember there is so much more to sex, people and life) and I am totally turned on by hot guys showing off their socks as well as by eager guys who dig burying their faces in a stud's hunky feet, giving themselves over to their foot/socks/boots fantasies, and showing how good they are at servicing a demanding man. My favorite socks are white gym, thick boot, long soccer/baseball, and dark OTC dress.

HMMMM.....: what am I looking for? Nothing specific at this time. Happily single, but open to persuasion (it has to be an awfully convincing offer!). As I get older my range of physical types expands and my taste in men continues to take on different inflections. As far as the physical stuff is concerned (let's get the cattle call out of the way), I tend to be attracted to men around 26-40, white or Latin, in the 5'8" - 6'1" range, in good shape (being athletic usually means more than going to the gym!), and either clean cut/shaven or goateed. Much more important though, is intelligence, character and personality, even when it comes to just "playing". I cannot overestimate the value of honesty, respect and consideration in my book, and I am much more concerned about the size of a man's heart than his endowment (as long as it is somewhere between enough to grab onto and not so much that you can't do anything with it, things should be just fine!). An open, playful, imaginative attititude towards sex, erotica and kink are all major bonuses -- Pup has been know to get downright nasty, and loves to do so!! On a more personal level, volunteering time for a worthy cause increases my attraction and regard to a guy BIG TIME!

THE NOTS: I am not into the following:

  • Phone sex
  • Cyber sex
  • Virtual relationships
  • Trading X-photos
  • Never have, and never will, show or post someone's private pix -- I would hope others would have the same courtesy!
  • Trading Net socks/feet pix -- they are all over the place ready to be found!
  • Trading sox with guys I haven't met
  • Kissing and telling about my experiences
  • Guys who describe them selves as "straight acting". What does that even mean? And in this climate of politically expedient homophobia and acts of savage violence, how can any self-respecting gay man use that phrase anyway?
  • Republicans (see above item)
  • Guys who can't communicate what they do and/or do not want. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Unsafe Sex
  • Heavy drug use
  • Married men

  • THE PIX: The majority of the pix were taken with a digital camera, but the earlier ones are for the most part of poorer quality. If you decide to download any of them, please have the decency not to pass them off as your own or post them anywhere else. ALL PIX ARE COPYRIGHT AND CONSIDERED THE WEB SITE OWNER'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

    So, enjoy the pix and feel free to tell me what you think of the them!!. I can be found on AOL occasionally at socksstud@aol.com.

    The Soccer Socks

    Lazio Team
    Lazio Team - croutching
    Lazio Team - bottoms up
    Spain National Team
    Spain National Team - up close
    Venice Regional Team
    Venice Regional Team - stretching
    Umbro Green Select
    Umbro Green Select - over the knee
    Umbro Green Collegiate - croutching
    Umbro Green Collegiate in your face!
    Umbro Black Collegiate - sitting
    Umbro Black Collegiate - stomp'n
    Umbro White Primero - upright
    Umbro White Primero - croutching, socks down
    White w/blue Adidas Copa - long
    White w/blue Adidas Copa - down
    Green w/white Adidas Copa
    Green w/white Adidas Copa, different view
    Blue w/logo Nike Global - with shoes
    Blue w/logo Nike Global - stretched out
    Blue w/logo Nike Global - down
    Orange w/logo Nike Global - 1
    Orange w/logo Nike Global - closer
    Twincities red - over the knees
    Twincities red - kicked up
    Twincities red and white - over the knees
    Twincities red and white - up
    Twincities red and white - down
    My favorite two pairs of soccer socks
    Four soccer socks -- another view
    Navy blue Umbros -- front and center
    Navy blue Umbros -- down
    White with blue Adidas Lisbon spread out
    Adidas Lisbon long
    Adidas Lisbon -- up and down
    Red Adidas Copa -- smell 'it!
    Red Adidas Copa pair
    Twincities black soccer
    Nike Blue and Red Hoops with soccer sandals
    Nike Blue and Red Hoops down
    Gold Adidas Copa
    Gold Adidas Copa - side
    Gold Adidas Copa - one off
    Umbro Team Amsterdam
    Team Amsterdam - 2
    Team Amsterdam - 3
    White w/black Umbro with Nike ACGs
    White w/green Umbro Primeros with cleets
    White w/green Umbro Primeros -- with bonus
    White w/green Umbro Primeroswith cleets
    White w/green Umbro Primeroswith cleets
    White w/green Umbro Primeros -- cleets spread

    The Baseball Socks

    Blue sanitaries with baseball pants
    Blue sanitaries -- down
    Baseball sanitaries and cleets
    Baseball sanitaries and cleets - 2
    Baseball sanitaries and cleets - 3
    Wigwam tubes after softball games
    White cleets in action
    Black cleets in action
    Cleets with baseball pants
    All of the pants
    Cleets with Wigwams out
    Wigwams with cleets off
    Just the Wigwams
    Cleets with sanitaires coming out
    Cleets and socks off
    Sanitaries coming off

    The Thorlo Series

    Thorlo Sanitaries with baseball pants
    Sanitaries worn OTC with cleets
    Sanitaries with cleets
    Sanitaries with cleets off
    Sanitaries - just
    Sanitaries up close
    Sanitaries up close, another view
    Thorlo Universals
    Universals - just
    Universals - up close

    The European Sheer Socks

    Italian burgundy sheers
    Italian burgundy sheers - jeans down
    Italian burgundy sheers - boxers
    Italian burgundy sheers - just
    Italian burgundy sheers - taste 'em!!
    Italian brown ribbed sheers - loafers
    Italian brown ribbed sheers - pants up
    Italian brown ribbed sheers - boxers
    Italian brown sheers - legs up
    Italian brown sheers - pants
    Italian brown sheers - just
    Italian brown sheers - close up
    Black Spanish sheers in loafers
    Spanish sheers -- one loafer off
    Spanish sheers -- can you taste it?
    Spanish sheers -- in full length
    Spanish sheers -- where did the slacks go?
    Spanish sheers -- just hanging there
    Navy blue Italian sheers
    Navy blue -- showing TNT
    Two pairs of Navy blue Italian sheers
    Another pair of Navy blue Italian sheers at my feet

    The OTC Dress Socks

    Calvin Klein ribbed blue - long view
    Calvin Klein ribbed blue -up close
    Polo blue patterned with slacks
    Polo blue patterned sitting
    Polo blue patterned standing
    Gold Toe ribbed black nylon
    Gold Toe ribbed black cotton
    Cole Hann Olive OTC - coming off
    Armani black - one half off
    Armani burgundy
    Calvin Klein light green patterned with Cole Haan Shoes
    Calvin Klein light green patterned - one half off
    Polo blue patterned with red

    The Socks and Bondage Series


    Collared, hooded, with Ajax socks
    Collared, hooded, with Ajax socks - 2
    Collared, team Lazio socks, gagged
    Collared, team Lazio socks, gagged - 2
    Collared, team National Spain socks dangling
    Collared, team National Spain socks w/Umbro Collegiate stuffed
    Collared, team National Spain socks w/Umbro Collegiate stuffed more
    Collared, team National Spain socks as blindfold and gag
    Collared, team National Spain socks as blindfold and gag - another view
    Collared, team National Spain socks -- sucking on Lazio team sock
    Venice team socked feet chair tied
    Blindfolded with Gold Toe ball gag - front
    Blindfolded with Gold Toe ball gag - side view
    Gas mask with burgundy OTC gag
    Gas mask with rugby sock gag
    Gas mask with gold Adidas Copa gag
    Thick leather gag with white soccer sock blindfold
    Thick leather gag with red soccer sock blindfold
    Hands and OTC blue socked feet tied - close up
    Hands and OTC blue socked feet tied -- face down fetal
    Hands and OTC blue socked feet tied -- face down fetal, long view
    White Umbro soccer on black lycra hood
    Sucking through black lycra hood
    Two feet at once through hood
    Wigwams tubes as blindfold suck scene
    Wigwams tubes and full length sock thrust
    Well worn baseball socks as gag
    A true sock slave totally covered

    The Boot Socks

    Olive army issue socks - with Red Wing boots
    Olive army issue socks
    English motorcycle boot socks - with Red Wing boots
    English motorcycle boot socks
    Green striped Wigwam wool boot socks
    EG Smith silver boot slouch
    EG Smith grey boot slouch
    EG Smith red boot slouch with Timberland construction boots
    EG Smith red boot slouch with Timberland construction boots - one off
    EG Smith red boot slouch
    Timberland Construction with EG Smith boot socks
    Timberland Construction with thick grey boot socks
    Red Wing black boots with Dutch military socks

    White tubes, rugby, bicycle socks, bare feet

    Champion white tube socks
    Champion white tube socks - 2
    Black w/gold rugby socks
    White bicycle socks
    White bicycle socks - up close
    Bare feet - from the top
    Bare feet - the other view

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