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     Spells & Magic

The Supernatural and the arcane are as much a part of the Night Stalkers world as the monsters and evils. Some Night Stalkers, perhaps Historians, Geologist, Scientist, or some computer geek kid with a facination with fantasy novels, began the study of the arcane and magic arts with their discovery of the evils, for whatever their personal reasons.

Learning and using Magic isn't a simple task and takes a few things in order for your character to have them. First, you will need to have 1 free feat in order to purchase the spell and meet the prerequisite requirements for that particular Magic Skill or spell and must also take some time to learn(usually a week in most cases) depending on if you meet the check. You must also roleplay your character learing the spell or bit of magic in order to gain it.

     Basic Spells and Magic

These are Basic Spells and Magic that are fairly simple for about anyone to learn. Many of these attacks are bases to much bigger spells and bits of magic that can be learned later in a Night Stalker's life.

Acid - With this spell, someone may control and create an acidic reaction, causing something or someone to be eaten alive by the buring reaction. This magic spell can also help to desolve locks or escape by melting away a wall, foor or something else in order to escape. More advanced users of this attack could even cause an acid rain effect over a particular are or create a ball of acid to throw at foes.
|Prerequisite: Chemistry (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 15|

Drain - With Drain, the caster may actually attack and drain their target's life force and implement it within themselves. However much the attack draws from an opponent may be given to the caster in return but is usualy weaker than a normal attack since it acts as a healing spell as well and needs energy to withdraw and deposit it into the caster. With the growth of this casting ability, so does the ammount of energy that can be drawn and even the possibility of given the drained life force to another person other than the caster.
|Prerequisite: Mystic Level 1, Magic 18|

Electricity - Using electricity will actually send a bold of electric power from the caster to their target. An advanced user will be able to use this not only as an attack but a way to charge or power electrical devices. As the caster grows in the ability to use this spell, so may the power and use of this spell, like all the others.
|Prerequisite: Electronics (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 15|

Fire - The Ability to control heat and actually make fire with your magic ability. This can be used to start a fire for cooking or heating purposes or even to attack an agressor. This fire attack is basic and can't be thrown as a fire ball would be, but more or less created on a spot, usualy only a few feet from the caster's hands. It causes some damage to the person the spell is cast on, but the ammount depends on the caster's magic ability and other factors.
|Prerequisite: Fire Handling (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 14|

Healing - The ability to heal anything from lost life energy, to sooth and heal burns and cuts that one may aquire as well as a multitude of other things. It is very basic but can be effective in healing someone as their ability to use the magic grows and their magic abilites.
|Prerequisite: Medicine (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 12|

Ice - Using this spell could be useful by giving an attacker a cold shoulder, slipping up their footing or even sealing a door shut with ice. With some practice at this skill and some growth in casting it, someone can easily construct items out of ice or even create strong weapons that could be dangerious if doubled with a skill that matches it.
|Prerequisite: Cold W. Survivalist (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 14|

Illusion - Just like a magican or a mirage but on a larger scale. Normally this plays at distraction of some kind but can end up causing arm because it becomes so intense and real after practice. Casters will start out small, only able to make illusions of people or small objects and with the growth of their casting ability they will soon be able to create entire worlds to engulf their target(s). Effects multiple targets at one time as well, sometimes including an unprepared caster.
|Prerequisite: Entertainment (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 16|

Sonic - Using sound volume and waves to attack, the caster can cause major damage or even cause vibrations that will shake and move things. Beginning casters will only be able to create a sound that will hurt eardrums and shatter some glass but as with any magic spell, some training and practice will enable the ability of use to grow.
|Prerequisite: Sound Specialist (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 15|

Water - With this spell, the caster may either create a water attack or control existing water. As with many spells, growth and imagination are the only limitations as to what this spell can do for the caster. Once their strength in casting water grows, they will be able to control higher pressures and larger bodies.
|Prerequisite: Aquatics (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 14|

Wind - Slight breezes that annoy you and blow about your papers to hurricanse and tornados can be at a person's control with this spell. To the advanced caster, moving large and heavy objects or even people will be no problem at all.
|Prerequisite: Aero Dynamics (Level 5) Or Mystic Level 1, Magic 15|

     Advanced Spells & Magic

Currently this list is empty but as the story progresses and throughout the Night Stalkers world and more spells are used while casters become more adept at casting spells more will be revealed. As always, suggestions are welcome and can be e-mailed to us or dropped off on the OOC board.

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