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Night Stalkers

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"Are you afraid of the dark?!? You should be!!!! They are out there!!! They await those foolish enough to doubt thier existance!! They await thier chance to strike and to spread thier EVIL throughout the world!! They are OUT THERE!! Are you afraid of the dark?? You should be!!"

"To humanity at large, Vampires, Werewolves, Scientific Mutants, and other Supernatural creatures are legends and myths. Or Creatures created for movies, books, or fireside stories!! But there are those few who know better!! There are those who have faced the terrors in real life, and dedicated themselves to the battle against their evils!! There are those who stalk the creatures of the night!! There are those known as NIGHT STALKERS!!!!!!"

With the rise of the evils in the world, a select group of men and women have stepped forth to battle this new threat!! A variety of people are necessary against this threat!! Soldiers. Scientist and technicians. Mystics, who study the occult and the magics used to battle them!!
In this time of evil, can you be one of these people?!?

Night Stalkers is a Roleplaying Game in which you take on the character of one of the men or women who battle the Monsters of the rising Evil! Some do this for profit. Some out of a sense of duty to humanity!! You will play one of the Mystics who have studied the occult powers of magic! Or a Psionic who has been born with the rare psychic powers that are naturally attuned to the occult! Or a Technician, scientist capable of creating new weapons and equipment to combat the rising evil. Or a simple Soldier, willing to face the evils in physical combat!!

The evils of the modern world do not necessarily resemble the Monsters of myth or movies!!!! Many of the concepts created by books and television are not always true!!!! And many creatures unheard of are a threat as well!!! Created monsters such as the Frankenstein monster, or scientific mutations gone wrong, are also threats!! Vampires and Werewolves have different stages of evolution, and the undead Zombie can be the shuffling undead of film, or an intelligent reanimation of a particularly evil individual!! The rules you expect from the movies no longer apply!!!!!

Are you ready to face the unknown?!?
Are you ready to risk your life in the battle against such evils?!?
If so, continue on!! And may God and Luck be on your side!!!!!!!!

Please read the Rules page first! Then familiarize yourself with the other pages on the site so you have the information you need to begin. Then on to the JOIN page!!!

Then prepare yourself for the DANGER!!!!!!!!!!