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To Sign Up A Character for Night Stalkers

(Read Directions Below Before Joining)

To join Night Stalkers, simply use the form below to enter your character. Keep in mind that the Night Stalkers is a participatory game. You will need to roleplay on a consistent basis in order to stay in the game. If you can't do that, please don't register a character. The Rules for joining are:

1. You are allowed 1 (one) character to start with. More may be allowed later, upon request.

2. You may name him/her anything, but there must be a first and last name, and stupid names like Carrot Top, Sexxy Boy, or anything of that type won't be accepted!!

3. You must have a valid e-mail address. If you can't be contacted, you can't play.

4. Be sure to read the RULES PAGE before joining, then fill out the forum below.

     Personal & Character Info

Your Name (First only is fine):
Your Email (
Your AIM SN:
Your MSN Name or Email:
Character Name:
Character Appearance:
Character Height:
Character Weight:
Character Age:
Character History:


     Stats go a long way in defining a characters physical and mental abilities. They should be considered heavily to personalize your character. Please read the CHARACTERISTICS page to understand what you are appointing points to. Normal humans range anywhere from 0 to 5 points in each stat category, this games characters are considered to be more than normal and will have the chance to start higher and grow more than a normal human. 95 dividable points will be given to personalize your character, and bonus points may be added to some stats by GMs depending on a number of things. You may only place up to 20 points in any stat to begin with. There is no limit to the growth of your character, only your imagination and the events that unfold through out your story. You will be given extra stat points periodically when your characters pages are updated with new Experience Points. The GMs will limit what or how much you can upgrade with stats based on roleplay over a period of time.








Characters have secondary characteristic stats that are determined by their real stats such as Hit Points and Mental Points.

     Character Classes

     Class defines what type of character you have. Classes do not limit what your character is, but the type they are. These are in no way your character's jobs as you get to decide your character's story. Please read the CLASSES page before deciding on a class. Multi-Classing is possible but will not be available to characters at the beginning. Some exceptions may be made if you talk to the GM ahead of time and come to an agreement of some kind.

Now to the important stuff. This section is crucial to your acceptance or lack there of. We will need a sample RP to judge whether or not you will be accepted into Night Stalkers as we don't want terrible roleplayers to ruin everyone's fun.

Sample Roleplay:

Be sure to read all of the rules on our RULES PAGE BEFORE you decide to submit your character(join Night Stalkers). Note: These rules may change at any time without prior notice!

**We will evaluate your sample roleplay. You must have a roleplay that is, to us, at least average for the Night Stalkers RPG in order to be admitted into Night Stalkers. This means that your roleplay must be if you know it isn't your BEST WORK, go back and change it so that it is right now.**

Since you will fill out your email address in the form above, you will be emailed you if you are accepted into Night Stalkers! You will not e-mailed you if you weren't, so if you haven't heard from me within two weeks, re-apply with a new character!!. Please DO NOT RolePlay or send in any other information (other than simple emails) to us until you are emailed saying that you are accepted.

Once you get done filling out this form and are satisfied with your character, press the join button below. You will be sent to a confirmation page filled with adds. Simply hit your "back" button to return to this page. You may then use the site's links to go where you want from there.

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