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Thank you for stopping by My Kyna Kennel's. Parts of the site are down for some repairs but please take a look at what's up and running so far. Below you'll find a list of the different page's you'll find on the site with a brief description.
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POINTERS Information about Pointer's, also take a look at my Champion Pointer's as well as a look at the 1997 World Champion! Pointer's are my primary show dog so there's quite a bit to see here. My Kyna Pointer's include's pic's and bio's.

COCKER SPANIELS Information about Cocker's and see my Champion Cocker Spaniel's as well. A loving and very pretty breed. My Kyna Cocker's includes pic's and bio's.

WELSH SPRINGER SPANIELS Here's where you'll find information about Welsh along with my Champion Welsh Springer Spaniel's. A very graceful breed with an attitude all their own! My Kyna Welsh include's pic's and bio's.

LITTERS Here's where you'll find litter anouncements including up-and-coming litter's, current litter's and puppy availability. Include's picture's.

LINKS Here are some links you might want to take a look at including Kennel Clubs and other misc. links.

RINGS Want to go on a dog site web tour? Take a ride on a Webring! You're sure to find yourself in interesting places!

Do come back again to see my Champion Pointer's, Cocker Spaniel's, and Welsh Springer Spaniels. And if you like you can E-Mail me.

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