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Greetings and a fine welcome to ye,
     For those of ye what are new here, there be a bit of explanation needed.  Ya see, I be a time traveller of sorts.  I choose to reside in the last half of the 18th Century--the years between 1750 and 1800. 
     Two great conflagrations bracket this period: The Seven Years' War and The American War of Independence.  Perilous times to be sure, but to my liking nonetheless.
     I be a merchant seaman by trade and I would like to dispell a couple of foolish notions that folks in the 21st century seem to hold.
     First, not every sailor from my time is a pirate.  There be no such thing as a friendly pirate.  A pirate is nothing more than a murderer with a boat.  They deserve to be hanged. 
     Second, not all merchant ships from my time carried a cargo of slaves.  Such an enterprise is dangerous and filthy.  The men who engage in the negro trade be hard and cruel, the sort of men who might do anything fer money.
     Most men of the sea be like myself--honest and hardworking with loved-ones waiting for them at home port.  'Strooth, no matter what century!

     If what I've said has sharpened your interest and ye would know me better, then take a look at the links below, and sign me guests' logbook.
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This page is intented to be a resource for living history reenactors and everyone interested in 18th century colonial america, maritime history, 18th century foodways and recipes, sailing instruction pertaining to square rigged tall ships, and camping in the states of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
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