The seven chakras are the seven centres of awareness and energy within the human body. They represent progessive levels of our spiritual evoluation. They are as follows:

    The Chakras

  1. Muladara


    The life energy is present in all parts of the body. This life energy is called kundalini shakti. In plants, the kundalini shakti is in seeds. In living beings, it is in blood and life source. In human body, kundalini shakti is life energy. Kundalini energy is in muladara (base of the spine) which is the foundation /support for the human body. The kundalini energy in muladara (base of the spine) manifests in the form of WILL (desire) icha shakti. That means it is only used by the five sense organs. It has to be converted into kriya shakti (Action). After its being converted the same energy manifests itself as knowledge, will power, and soul energy. That is the reason when concentrated at muladara (base of the spine) the body becomes healthy. In case of any illness, when we meditate the invisible soul energy at muladara (base of the spine) the body receives enough energy.

  2. Svadistana


    This is the sexual chakra and it is all about relationships and sexuality. This chakra governs passions, emotions & feelings. It can also lead to anger or fear when unbalanced. The instinct to nurture is strong in this chakra, as are other aspects of a feminine nature such as nursing, perceptions of food or sex, creative energy, women's power, and feminine health. Not only governing the feminine aspects, the body's energy that springs from this source governs sexual vitality, physical power and fertility of all varieties. It also aids digestion, removes repression and inhibitions. It can broaden the mind and assist you in copeing with your life and career.

  3. Manipura


    In the Indian Tantric tradition, the Manipura chakra, or "place of gems", is described as having ten petals, red in colour with a downward pointing triangle, representing the tattwa of fire. This chakra is traditionally located at the navel (hence the alternative name of nabhi (navel) chakra), but in many modern (especially Theosophical- and New Age - orientated) chakra formulations it is placed at the Solar Plexus. This latter however seems to refer to a distinct (minor) chakra - the Solar Plexus chakra. The Manipura is also associated with personal power, independence, and the beginning of Spiritual Awareness.

  4. Anahata


    The fourth Chakra, Anahata (unbeaten),is the center of Vayu mandal (region of Air, Vayu Tattwa) with six corners. Anahata sound, the sound of Shabda Brahman is heard at this centre. Shabda Brahman ("Shabd" or to make, ordinarly means sound) is the the source of all Shabda or Name (Nama) and all Form (Rupa), the Universe being Name and Form (Namarupatmaka). The Bijakshara, or Pavana Bija is Yam . Under the Bija there is an antelope, Vahana of Vayu (vedic God of Wind). The presiding adept is called Pinaki. The presiding deity is Isha (Rudra, Shiva) and Devata is Kakini; in Her hands She carries the noose and the skull, and make the sign of blessing and the sign which dispels fear. Her heart is softened with the drinking of nectar. The Sakti is in the pericarp of this lotus in the form of a Trikona (triangle): Inside the triangle is the Shiva-Linga called Bana Linga. This Linga is like shining gold and in His head is an orifice minute as that in a gem. He is resplendent abode of Laksmi. Vishnu Granthi is in this Sthana.

  5. Vishudda


    Throat Chakra ,Visshuda creative located at base of throat It governs communication and personal magnetism. It is the chakra that most influences intercommunication and our "personas." It is also the link between emotion and thought. color sky blue element ether angelic realms sense hearing note g # mantra ham or u as in blue vortex 16 oil chamomile,frankensence. The Throat Chakra governs speach, hearing ,communication self expression Hermes, Fifth chakra Location: throat Color: blue Source of: truth Seat of: wisdom, responsibility Element: Ether Air and Fire energy. Number 5. Crystals / Stone: Clear Quartz, Lapis, Sodalite, Turquoise,Blue lace agate, Blue topaz, Aquamarine chryoscolla, azurite, Characteristics: a good communicator Too much energy :talk too much , addictive Too little energy: timid, inconsistent, can't express self Glands / Organs: throat, thyroid, nerves, eyes, muscles. Essential Oils - aniseed, blue chamomile, cypress, tea tree. Lavander , Sandal wood , Neroli, Clary Sage Aura - Soma - 2 Blue/blue. Sound - Flute or Woodwind. Sense - Hearing. Shape - Inverted Pyramid. Soul Lesson - Divine Will. Physical - Thyroid and parathyroid. Balanced Energy - Contented, centred, good speaker, artistically inspired, can live in the present, can mediate, has an easy grasp of spiritual teachings, sincere, truthful, independent. Excessive Energy - Arrogant, self righteous, talks too much, dogmatic, gossips. Deficient Energy - Scared, timid, quiet, weak, unreliable, devious, cannot express thoughts, inconsistent, dependent, lack of creative expressions, suppressed or swallowed feelings. Use Blue for - Hyperthyroid, sore throat, inflammations, burns, skin irritations, fever, ear infections, over tiredness, mental exhaustion, gum inflammations, ulcers, digestive disorders, nervousness, colic, back pain, haemorroids, high blood pressure, hyperactive or violent behaviour. Overactive Domineering, dogmatic, fanatical, over-reacting, speaks negatively/harshly, clings to tradition, hyperactive. Use orange scarf and a short period of blue, carnelian and crystal blue lace agate, blue jasper. Underactive Surrenders to others, resists change, melancholy, slow to respond, stubborn. Use orange scarf and crystal carnelian.

  6. Ajna


    The Ajna, in the Sushumna, corresponds to the space between the eye brows the trikuta. OM is the seed letter for this chakra which is the seat of the mind, and is found in the pure white circle within it. On each side are two petals, also pure white, their vibrations represented by the Sanskrit letters Ham and Ksham. The element is Avyakta, the primordial cloud of undifferentiated energy and matter. Paramasiva is the presiding deity. The person who mediates successfully on this centre destroys the bad karma of all past life and becomes liberated soul. Intuitional knowledge is obtain through this chakra, the seat of the primordial power and soul. It is here yogis consciously put their prana at the time of death. All yogis, particular in Jnanis, concerted on this centre and OM.

  7. Sahasrara


There is a lot to be said here, as this is the chakra that contains all the others. Just as white light contains all the colors of the rainbow, so the 7th chakra is in its essence the awareness of all the other energy centers. In the Science of Yoga, this is the first of the higher, out of the body, centers. Up at level 7 we become aware of the infinite and eternal universe in its blissful state, lose track of our worldly bodies, and experience the divine states. The purpose of meditation in yoga is to bring us to this cosmic awareness, and the more worldly practices such as Hatha yoga and Pranayama yoga are to prepare us for these higher experiences.



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