An Introduction to Yoga

This is a brief introduction to the practise ofYoga. In these pages I will attepmt to give you all the basic information that you need,plus a few extra's, combined with a lot of links to other interesting and informative sites to hgelpyou begin your "sojourn".

For over 5000 yrs people have been practising Yoga as a means of heightening their awareness. Now there is a renewed interest in Yoag as a means of health a fitness. Yoga has become a "trended" way to "get more out of life", but here is more to Yoga than that. Yoga is a path that can take you anywhere. Where it takes you depends on you.

In this site, some of the many techniques of yoga will be briefly explained, as a simple introduction to the ancient and spiritual art of yogic practice. Some contact sites will be provided, if you wish to pursue your practice.Try clicking on the headings, and photos, for links to other web sites, where more information will be available.

So Good Luck to you in your practise. I hope that this site helps you, and that you getsomething out of it.

  1. Yoga

  2. Asanas

  3. Meditation

  4. Pranayama

  5. Mantra

  6. Chakras

  7. Morality

  8. Prana

  9. Poetry

  10. Conclusion


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