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A sensual romance novella

Gwendolyn R. Morris
“I can see you don’t believe me. I will have to prove it to you somehow. I could let you watch me feed, but I don’t think you would like that very much,” Seth expressed sincerely.
“You aren’t going to bite me are you?” Nia asked in a tone as if she were adding, ‘I know you’re nuts, but I really hope you don’t do that’.
It made Seth smile. He knew she thought him ‘mad’ and thought any bite he gave her would only be a very painful human bite.
“No, I’m not going to bite you,” Seth replied affectionately.
He slowly took off his coat and placed it neatly across a chair in the room. Then, he walked over to the window, opened it, and leaped out into the night.
Nia screamed in disbelief, “Seth! Seth!”
She ran to the window without hope, she knew that the mountain ledge outside her window dropped hundreds of feet before it hit bottom. When she reached the window and looked down, all she could see was darkness and the lights from the metropolis in the distance.
“Nia, I’m over here,” Seth called softly.
Nia lifted her head and looked straight in front of her. There about 30 feet away was Seth, hovering over the mountain ledge, his long hair gently blowing in the warm night wind. Her mouth dropped open. She must be having a nightmare. That could not be real. There were no vampires! she thought. In a moment, Seth began to fly back towards the window. Nia began to back away from the window, eventually bumping into the bed. Seth came back through the window and stood before Nia waiting for her reaction. He looked at her with tears in his eyes as their eyes immediately locked together. This was the moment he had feared. Did she love him enough to accept what he had become? Was her rejection of him now forthcoming? Would his heart be torn apart in the next few minutes?
Nia’s mind was ignited with confusion and disbelief. How could this be? It must be some trick. Something he’s devised to re-inforce his delusion. Vampires do not exist and never have existed…But, how could he hover in thin air over a mountain cliff without any attachments? He was certainly not hooked-up to anything while he was at the Ball or when he was there in the room with her. And, the speed at which he exited the window left no time for him to attach any equipment to his body…Could it be that he’s not insane after all? Could the unbelievable now be believable?… Her mind could hardly comprehend it. Vampires do exist?
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