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A paranormal sensual romance novel

Gwendolyn R. Morris
As they all sat at the table together Satin-Night began to flirt with both Ameil and Connor. Although her seat was next to Ameil and opposite Connor, she reached over and tried to hold Connor's hand. He tactfully avoided her hand and immediately put his left arm around Kayla's shoulders. Satin-Night apparently got the message and did not attempt to flirt with Connor any more that night.
But, Connor did not remove his arm from around Kayla's shoulders, even though he realized that he had thwarted Satin-Night’s seductive behavior. He was euphoric over the opportunity to be cuddled next to Kayla’s soft brown body. And was anxious for the time when he would be able to explore every inch of her shapely figure for hour…after hour…after hour. He felt his desire for her increase exponentially in proportion to every minute she remained in his grasp.
Kayla was also becoming very aroused by her continued closeness to Connor. His body felt warm. She could feel the beat of his heart as well as soft wisps of air on her face from his breathing. He would occasionally massage her shoulder with his fingers, which would cause her nipples to sting wildly. Her panties were becoming moist and she was struggling to control her emotions. She had temporarily forgotten about the case and apparently so had Connor. Neither of them was paying any attention to Satin-Night. Hopefully, Ameil was doing it. After several minutes of sexual stimulation, Kayla looked over at Connor. Once again his gorgeous green eyes were already looking at her. Almost immediately she saw his eyes look down at her lips, and almost simultaneously his head began to move closer to hers. He was obviously going to kiss her and she could barely wait to feel his soft wet tongue swirling around in her mouth.
"Excuse me! Excuse me!" Ameil interrupted loudly as he and Satin-Night both began to laugh. "There are other people here!…Get a room!"
The comment snapped Kayla and Connor back to the business at hand. They glanced into each other's eyes, smiled, and reluctantly postponed their kiss. But as they continued to sit there, Connor's arm remained in its place, warmly and snuggly caressing Kayla's shoulders.
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