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  A collection of 5 sensual romance short stories
Gwendolyn R. Morris
  Then, he turned to Nuith and she fully noticed him for the first time. How handsome he was, she thought. And, how kind he must be, this Prince, who offered to walk her to her rooms. They looked into each other’s eyes and for a moment or two forgot anyone else was there. Their gaze was broken only by the voice of the Pharaoh who requested that Sekhaten hurry a little. Consequently, their attraction to each other was noticed by everyone, but not everyone found innocence in it. In particular the high priest Heptshoten, who had recently joined the gathering, was clearly bothered.
Sekhaten and Nuith walked down the hallway in silence at first. Of course, she could not be the one to initiate the conversation. But, momentarily, Sekhaten began to speak. He could not miss this opportunity.
“I, too, would like to welcome you to the palace, Nuith. I hope you will be happy here with us,” he said softly.
“Everyone has been so kind to me. I could not be anything else but happy here, My Prince,” she replied gratefully.
“Please, Nuith, call me Sekhaten when we are alone. I truly dislike the formalities of being a prince,” he explained.
Nuith was very surprised that he would ask such a thing of her. She knew it was against the religious laws of his land to disrespect the son of ‘Egypt’s Living God’, Pharaoh, by addressing the Prince without his title.
“But, My Prince, will I not be punished should someone hear me or find out?” she questioned.
“I will protect you. I will never let anyone harm you,” Sekhaten said warmly, then smiled. She returned his smile and felt a chill of excitement come over her body. Still, she knew that she must not entertain hopes or desires of love with him. She was a servant and he was the son of the Pharaoh of Egypt, a few heartbeats away from being Pharaoh himself.
“Well, here we are already. Sleep well, sweet Nuith. I will see you in the morning,” Sekhaten said cheerfully.
“Goodnight, My Prin…um, Sekhaten. I will wait with anticipation to see you again tomorrow,” Nuith answered softly, stunned by her own boldness.
Sekhaten held back the layers of sheer material that covered the entrance to Nuith’s suite, allowing her to pass through and into her rooms. He watched her for a second and then let loose of the material, once again concealing the rooms and Nuith from his view. Yes, he thought, tomorrow would be a day of anticipation for both of them. Indeed... it would most certainly be an excellent day.
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