These next few pictures are of different chains.  These chains can be either handles for the purses or for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or whatever you can imagine.  They will be shown with the weave type of the chain printed next to the picture so that you can refer to it by name.
This one to the right is called Birdcage.
This is a box chain.  The picture is a bit fuzzy, but I think it shows the general idea.  It is sort of a rounded chain with smooth edges.
Both of these to the right are called Spiral chains.
these two pictures to the left are of what we are calling our business card holder.  It could also be used as a small purse with the addition of a handle.  the larger rings on the outside edge of flap are black, but didn't show up in the picture.
this site is always under construction, so check back often for more up to date pictures and information.  as always, feel free to email us for any prices or custom ideas, or just to say hi!
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