Dedicated to seeing the alternative building options in one or a few chosen Lego building sets.

For instance, take the classic 1789 Star Hawk II (from 1995)

Rearrange the pieces to make the Space Scythe

Or throw in the 1793 Space Station Zenon and make the exploratory Pisces

Imagine the possibilities!


Single Set Models

Multi Set Models


What's DAT?


1785 Crater Critters
1789 Star Hawk II
2152 Robo Raptor
2153 Robo Stalker
2154 Robo Master
2161 Aqua Dozer
4507 Prehistoric Creatures
4559 Cargo Railway
4884 Wild Hunters
4894 Mythical Creatures
6043 Dragon Defender
6080 Kings Castle
6090 Royal Knight's Castle
6899 Nebula Outpost
6923 Particle Ionizer
6932 Star Defender 200
6938 Scorpion Detector
6941 Battrax
6949 Robo-Guardian
6973 Deep Freeze Defender
6980 Galaxy Commander
6981 Aerial Intruder
6982 Explorien Starship
6984 Galactic Mediator
6986 Mission Commander
7141 Naboo Fighter
7150 Y-wing
7155 Trade Federation AAT
7161 Gungan Sub
7313 Red Planet Protector
7314 Recon Mech
7626 Jungle Cutter
7700 Stealth Hunter
7782 Batwing:Jokers Aerial Assault
8114 Chameleon Hunter

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