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by Lionel Rudling

This is a website dedicated to Holistic Design's Fading Suns Role-playing Game. I was playing Fading Suns months after its first release, and am still as captivated as ever by its diversity.

Fading Suns is the best blend of popular Science Fiction, Space Opera, Fantasy, and historical fiction I have yet encountered in a game. Several concepts in Fading Suns lend from what has gone before, but with a fresh perspective or twist. While parts are sometimes a blatant rip-off of various genres, the whole is comfortably unique. It takes the best from the best sources, and strips out the weak and the inconsistencies. It works as a universe. The Fading Suns universe has an internal consistency and realism that most gamers should find comfortable. There is little that is jarring to your sensibilities. And above all, it is fascinating fun full of rich background and enough "cool" to keep you interest.

Did I mention the elegant mechanics? Despite our best efforts, very few improvements have been made in the years since its release in 1996. The system is simple enough to explain to a novice, and is able to scale up in detail should you require it too. Fading Suns uses the iconic d20 as a resolution dice for the Victory Points System. You pair one of 15 Characteristics + a relevant Skill to determine your Goal Number and add situational modifiers. The closer you roll to your Goal Number, the more successes and Victory Points you score. If you roll too high, you overshoot and fail. It is ultimately an effect determining resolution system, and thus avoids getting bogged down in superfluous detail. It's simple 5% increment makes understanding the odds a breeze, and the Victory Points translate easily into levels of success.

The other unique part of this 90's game is that it has no Meta-Plot or Story-Arch. Game supplements are born to further explore interesting aspects of the universe, not change it. There is no escalation, there are no dramatic renewals. Your campaign stays current and canon with little effort. "So what?" some may ask, but after nearly 20 years in the hobby, I now prefer to read dramatic stories in novels, and keep my roleplaying games for my own storytelling.

But I am biased. I love the game. So why not try the Quickplay rules available at Holistic Design's web site, and see for yourself. You won't look back.

I have gathered and developed some useful material for the game over the past years from the Fading Suns Mailing list and the Holistic Design's Forums . The best of this I would like to share with you.


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