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We are a small farm located on 5 acres in the midst of the beautiful Manistee National Forest.
We are very proud to be owned by miniature horses.  We are training our horses for various things.  Mostly for Driving, Obstacle Courses & jumping. 
Our Miniature adventure started 3 years ago when my daughter acquired a little 32" mini shetland named Jasmine.  And well, like anyone that has Mini's will tell you they are addicting!  You just can't have one!
Miniature horses are spunky little spit fires with plenty of love to spare.  Most people think they are useless because of their small sizes but that is anything but true!  You can train them to do things like jumping,  and run them through an obstacle course.  You can show them, you can drive them.  And yes one little mini can pull an adult or two.  Depending on the size of the mini horse and child, small children can ride them.  A mini horse costs only a fraction to care for compared to a large horse.  They need the same basic care, feeding watering, grooming, cleaning stalls, worming.  But since they are smaller they don't need as much room or feed as a larger horse does.  You can even teach your mini to do tricks!  And one thing I can guarantee is that they are hard to resist in their small charming package!!

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