Loreley's Lars Von Bosque

Lars was found wandering in a 1930's historical neighborhood in Dallas, Texas in August of 2002. The family who gave him shelter really wanted to keep him but they had two older dogs that would not accept him into the family. The family called Deb Stover and Deb contacted me to foster him. I was not able to pick him up immediately, so Mary Aguirre offered to transport him to Judy Boston-Payne's Sonnenshein Kennel in Cranfills Gap outside of Waco for me.

During the time that Mary was transporting Lars his story began to unfold. Somehow the "owner" of Lars contacted the family that had given him shelter. He told them that he was not the actual owner of Lars but that his ex-girlfriend was the owner. He refused to give the family her name stating that she had left Lars in his care and he grew tired of him. Apparently the man and his new girlfriend had left to go on a trip 2 weeks prior and had turned Lars, a female Giant and one surviving puppy out to fend for themselves. He was very emphatic regarding not taking Lars back as he was too big and friendly. The female had been found immediately and is now living in Arizona but the puppy never came through rescue.

On my ride home from Judy's Edel, Gretchen and Lars decided among themselves that he was going to stay. It appeared that the girls had given him the rules to live by to be happy in our home. He has been a joy ever since he has come to live with us - - even his counter surfing can be comical at times. Within two weeks Lars had his CGC. The girl who had owned him must have done a lot of work with him as he is very well mannered, knows his commands and has an overwhelming desire to please. Lars attended agility class for about 3 weeks lying quietly and took in everything that was going on. After a quick session of follow-the-leader with Gretchen; Lars has never looked back. He is now competing in Open Standard and Jumps with Weaves competition. He will soon finish his Open Standard title as he presently has 2 of the three qualifying scores. Within the year of coming to live with us Lars earned his CD.

He is also in classes for Open and Utility obedience. Lars has qualified for certification through both the Delta Society and Therapy Dog International. After our supervised visitations we will pursue final certification through Therapy Dog International.

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