Sitting at the Feet of Jesus



Our precious daughters,
who have been sent ahead
to watch over their angel siblings,
until Jesus comes back to bring
the rest of our family HOME.

My husband and I have been blessed by God,
Who has given us 13 children,
5 of which live with us here on earth.
The others are being cared for by Him in Heaven.
We have struggled with carrying all of our pregnancies
to term and not one has made it past 35 weeks.
We lost six of our babies to miscarriage and our precious daughters,
Jordana and Madison, and our sweet baby boy were born asleep.
But we praise God for them all just the same.
Although we don't know His reasons for taking them home to Him,
we accept that this is His will for us and
its in this that we find comfort and peace.

We know that God's love for our children
is even greater than our own,
and although our prayers for healing here on earth
were not answered the way we had hoped,
God blessed our babies with His gift of ULTIMATE healing.
We have experienced first hand a small measure of the struggles
that may have faced our angel babies,
as our youngest son Kenyon has faced many medical problems,
including the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.
Every day we see his struggle just to attain
the most basic of goals and when we look at him,
we see the struggles that our loving Father
has spared our babies from. It helps us
to realize how very much He loves and cares for ALL of His children.

We also find peace and comfort in the knowledge that because
we are children of the King, we will be reunited with
our precious angels some day in glory,
where there will be no pain or suffering,
and all the trials of this world will disappear.
Until then we rest, knowing that
no one could love our angel's more than Him
and that for them all suffering has ceased.

We think of our angels daily and as we wait to be reunited,
Mommy and Daddy want to honor our angels,
and dedicate this site to each of you.

We hope that God will use our story, and this site,
to let other hurting parents know that life does go on
and that the pain will become easier to bear.
We pray that as we go through the grief process,
and that as we learn to go on,
we will continue to bring glory to our Father's name.
Although the flame of your candles flickered for
but a brief moment as you passed through this earth,
your candles will burn forever bright in our hearts!!

In closing, we would like to give thanks to our Heavenly Father
for sharing His precious children with our family,
and we look forward to the day when He comes
to bring us Home and where we will finally be with
our precious angels FOR ALL ETERNITY!!

We love you more than these words can ever say...
Mommy and Daddy

Unsung Lullaby
written by Patty Wiens.

I've written for you a lullaby and although it remains unsung,
It's dedicated especially to you, Our tiny wordless ones.
Our precious angels Jordana and Madison, so tiny and so frail,
God took you up to be with Jesus, who on the cross was nailed.
God gave up His only Son for the forgiveness of our sins,
And now little lambs our hearts go with you as Heavens gate you enter in.
Please say hi to Jesus and tell Him we'll do our best,
To spread His love to others, reassuring them that they are blessed,
And although our hearts are breaking with great sorrow and much pain,
Please tell Him not to worry as we'll learn to smile again.
Please tell Him that we love Him and thank Him for all that He's done,
We've sent you up in person to tell Him one on one.
Please tell Him that I'm sorry that I've had trouble letting go,
I'll try a little harder if the way to me He'll show.
Please remember, our dear sweet Angels, our lives you've truly blessed,
God has spared you many struggles and He's given you the best.
He's taken you straight to Heaven and now as you look around,
We'll remember what the cost was for all the treasures you have found.
And as you now meet Jesus and are sitting at His feet,
Remember we are coming and the rest of us you'll meet.
Down on earth you have two sisters and three brothers
who would have loved you so,
Up in Heaven you both have six others, you will one day to us show.
The time has come to say goodbye and to let go of our little lambs,
Yet, we know that you are with us and that this is all of our dear Lord's plan.
We, your Mommy and Daddy, and your sisters and brothers too,
Can hardly wait to get to Heaven and finally be with you.
We won't forget you little ones and all of the blessings that you've brought,
When we look to the skies above us, we'll remember how hard you both fought.
God will take care of you now and He'll meet your every need,
We know that this is His plan for us and to His will we'll heed.
God has brought us all together to say goodbye today,
He has sent you, our sweet angels, ahead to lead the way.

Always remembered, Never forgotten and Forever treasured.
You have buried yourselves forever in our hearts.

We love you forever,
We like you for always,
As long as you are with us,
Our babies, you'll be...

Daddy, Mommy, Braeden, Kyler, Micaiah , Kenyon and Kerrington

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