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jesus'cross messages
In 2002 jesus-christ appeared by vision to the evangelist dinis-longo-dinkueni.He send him to preach his resurection to the people of all languages.The ev.dinis was born in damba on Nov 5 1980,in a big province of angola named uige,he is angolan and married.He's leaving for this time being in the province of zaire in soyo,where he is serving jesus-christ in FEPACO ANGOLA church.FEPACO ANGOLA is amoung powerest pentecostal church in the world,that started with an anointed man of GOD ,a spiritual son of TL.OSBORN named APOSTOLE AIDINI ABALA ,this one was born in 1927 and died in 1997.Then the evangelist dinis longo took one of AIDINI spiritual son as his spiritual father ,he's name is PASTOR DONAT-MAYINDU.Let the cross of jesus -christ retake his place in this time ,jesus is an answer for all our question,his cross is a power message whitch can heal all cases of healing in the humanity.Let the GOD of my ancestor TL.OSBORN,the GOD of my grand father AIDINI ABALA and his wife AMVIKO ,the GOD of my father TAMBOU LUKOKI and my pastor DONAT MAYINDU be with me Forever.Amen!!! theHOLY SPIRIT is teaching me about jesus cross,i'll rwite,and save here for forfree download

jesus'cross message
The Lord appeared to me ,and send me to preach his GOSPEL news of his paxion.The cross message of jesus-christ changes my life.And i believe that there is not solution,not healing ,not salvation without jesus cross.I'm saying as apostole paul that i preach jesus crucified that's a scandal for jews,hebrwes 1cor 1:17-18
Evangelist Dinis Longo Dinkueni

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