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John Keats
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The Cap and Bells, or, The Jealousies, Page 3
by John Keats (November-December, 1819).

    "Show him a mouse's tail, and he will guess,
    With metaphysic swiftness, at the mouse;
    Show him a garden, and with speed no less,
    He'll surmise sagely of a dwelling house,
    And plot, in the same minute, how to chouse
    The owner out of it; show him a "—"Peace!
    Peace! nor contrive thy mistress' ire to rouse!"
    Return'd the Princess, "my tongue shall not cease
Till from this hated match I get a free release.

    "Ah, beauteous mortal!" "Hush!" quoth Coralline,
    "Really you must not talk of him, indeed."
    "You hush!" reply'd the mistress, with a shine
    Of anger in her eyes, enough to breed
    In stouter hearts than nurse's fear and dread:
    'Twas not the glance itself made nursey flinch,
    But of its threat she took the utmost heed;
    Not liking in her heart an hour-long pinch,
Or a sharp needle run into her back an inch.

    So she was silenc'd, and fair Bellanaine,
    Writhing her little body with ennui,
    Continued to lament and to complain,
    That Fate, cross-purposing, should let her be
    Ravish'd away far from her dear countree;
    That all her feelings should be set at nought,
    In trumping up this match so hastily,
    With lowland blood; and lowland blood she thought
Poison, as every staunch true-born Imaian ought.

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