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Sections Completed Thus Far:

Library: John Keats: Biography10 Biographies; 131 Pages

Library: John Keats: Poetry144 Poems; 309 Pages

Library: Charles Baudelaire: Biography10 Biographies; 73 Pages

Library: Charles Baudelaire: Poetry99 Poems; 137 Translations

Library: Paul Verlaine: Biography10 Biographies; 37 Pages

Library: Paul Verlaine: Poetry76 Poems; 147 Translations

Library: Arthur Rimbaud: Biography10 Biographies; 62 Pages

Library: Arthur Rimbaud: Poetry60 Poems; 63 Translations

Forum"Welcome to our Forum where artists, amateurs, scholars, and admirers of Poetry, Philosophy, and Literature are each invited to discuss, express, and advance innovative and unconventional ideas freely; its theatres are faithfully governed with The Spirit of Democracy; its moderators are periodically elected from our population, by our community, in accordance with our Constitution."

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