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Lannie Brockstein
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The Tale of the True Lover
by Lannie Brockstein (2013).

An old girl and a somewhat young man were best friends and also deeply in-love with each other, but she withheld her true love for him, from him. She did not reciprocate his true love for her, back to him—but where then did her true love for him go? Did it disappear? No, it could not disappear, for true love is eternal. Where then, did her true love for him go?

She had given her true love for him, to another—her false lover. Such is why from that point on, her true lover was not able to have anything to do with her; for by throwing his true heart away from her, she had also thrown his true heart away from him.

Naturally, as soon as he left to look for his true heart, her relationship with her false lover began to fall apart. Nothing could stop such a process, and the more that it came to nothing, the more that she did reflect upon the unhappy circumstances of her own life—for she was now bogged down in the false security of a loveless marriage. This despite the fact that she had obeyed all of the rules after having adopted the most modern of scientific advice; nevertheless, all of the ground which she then believed was safe and secure, did crumble into dust beneath her feet.

Time passed, and that wretched old girl left her false lover. It was exactly then that she magically became a beautiful young woman because she could not stop herself from heavily regretting having so profoundly betrayed her true love, and thus she set out to find him.

But by that time, the somewhat young man had already found his true heart; it was cradled within the compassionate caress of a truly loving waking woman/eternal lady, who, long ago, had outgrown playing such a stupid and hurtful game with the true heart of her best friend who is also her deepest lover.

© 2013 Lannie Brockstein. All Rights Reserved.

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