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Charles Baudelaire
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Beauty (La Beauté)
by Charles Baudelaire (1857); translated by Wilfrid Thorley (1920).

I am lovely as a dream of stone. Men sicken,
Against my breast deep-bruised. I bring sore
Travail of Love to poets, evermore
Dumb as the Dust that no desire may quicken.
Sphinx-like I am throned aloof; as plumes that thicken
The breast of swans my chill heart's white at core;
All rhythm-offending tumult I abhor
Who am never with mirth elate nor sorrow-stricken.

Poets before my noble poise and gesture
That hath the pomp of all the world for vesture,
Waste their sad days in study of dry reams;
For I, to keep these loving suitors loyal
Hold mirrors up, that make all beauty royal,
In wide eyes brimming with immortal beams.

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