Inside the building there is a big sign enscribed inside dark grey marble with big, golden letters.  It reads:

The Fanfiction Chronicle
~A host of various Magazines/Journals~
A few feet behind it there is a secretary's desk complete with modern computers and a directory.  A white ryu (dragon) in humanoid form is occupying the desk, a headset/microphone combo specially crafted for her elvin ears perched on her silvery hair.  She smiles, and points to the directory.  "Choose your destination.
Afterlife and Beyond ~ Yami no Matsuei
Martial Periodical ~ Ranma 1/2
Celestials R Us ~ Fushigi Yugi
The Sorceress' Handbook on Mazoku ~ Slayers
BME: Before Modern Era ~ Inu Yasha
Metallic Wings ~ Gundam Wing
Landscapers ~ Dragon Ball Z
The Monkey and the Monk ~ Gensomaden Saiyuki
Robot Amatuer ~ Twin Signal
Magician's Pamphlet ~ Harry Potter
Gamers Guide ~ Final Fantasy
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