Women of Strength

Yeah, women of strength... including Zechs

I am Lady Pyro and I welcome you to
the site dedicated to the often overlooked women of
Gundam Wing.

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The cute updating tiger-bird thing.

Updates March 21: Well, I think this site's not long for this world since it's been six months in between this update and the last one, and the only thing I have to update with is my dear friend, formerly Timber Wolf, now Grey Wolf's fan stuff. See? I remembered this time, gotta work on that memory thing. Well, anyway, the entirety of this update is Grey Wolf's new poem, I Know. So go check it out if anyone's here to read this? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Oh, and for all those who are interested in Inuyasha (if there are any), check out my new site: Necrophilia That's all for now!

I love this little guy! This Trowa Kitty
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