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I am Sashank Shyam. I am now a third grader at Bandung Alliance International school, Bandung, Indonesia.I am 8 years old. I love my school.I was born in Chennai, India
I love Music. I like to sing and play the piano.I love to read and write my own stories. I have a few for you to read in this website.

I like to draw on the computer in MS paint or Adobe Illustrator to illustrate some of my stories.
Apart from this I love to play cricket, badminton, Uno, anything at all. I am crazy about trains and Thomas the Tank engine is my favourite Cartoon Character. I enjoy watching cartoons! I love to travel. I have been to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and have looked around a lot of places in India and Indonesia.
I love my grandparents who live in India. I have a whole lot of relatives and friends all over the world!

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