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Hi my name is Darren. I started collecting license plates in 1998  when I moved to America . Before returning to Adelaide,  Australia late July 2001. I had  found and married my wife, plus finished my 50 state and Canadian runs in that order. Not bad for a holiday to the states . Now it's down to collecting world plates and graphics. I love the chase of finding plates and would rather trade than sell. The money does come in handy for buying the plates I need .I'm a member of NPCC #956. I been trading plates since 2000, I have great ebay feedback as a seller and buyer under the user name of lostaussie. I work at a local Holden dealership as a mechanic. My wife Kelly  helps me build my plate collection and my 70 Camaro . Well thatís about it. If you see any plate you're interested in on my trade pages  just drop me an email. If you see a plate on my trade pages and want a  photo just  email I will send one to you  . Please take a look at my wanted page.


 Thank you Darren

email dazpl8s@adam.com.au

All trade are not final till everyone is happy.



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