I will be listing some
My Size Barbie's
in the next few weeks.
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DL06 Plastic Doll Crochet Dress
This is one I bought for the shoes but found that I couldn't use them so I dressed her and decided to list her.
She is about 15 inches tall, all plastic.
The dress has been done really well. But the credit is not mine.
Her left eye sticks a little when standing in certain position.
The eyes don't look as scary as the pic shows.
DL08 Praying Doll
Not sure if she has a name but she is from ABC Distributing INC. China.
She has porcelain (?) head, arm and legs.
Her body is made of cotton, acrylic, polyester mixed.
I think this is porcelain but I am not absolutly sure.
Her hair is frizzy and needs some work.
I also just found a little nick on her knee.
Her hands needs to be reglued.
Not damaged, just need to be put back together in folding position.
Her gown seems to be in really good clean condition.
It is a little darker pink than the picture shows.
She really is as cute as can be though.
DL20 The Emerald Doll Collection
Porcelain Doll
Heidi (?)
This is apprx. 16-18 inches.
I am not absolutely sure she is "Heidi".
She is in an Emerald Collections Box.
The COA says Heidi
The Emerald Collection mark is on her neck.
She came in a lot with several others and not all were in original box.
That is why I am not sure if she is Heidi or not.
The box in picture is one that she was in when I got her.
She is an Emerald Collection Doll though.
That is why I am not sure.
Her right eyelash is a little thinner than left.
I don't see where any are missing though.
The back of the box says
Genuine hand painted porcelain doll.
She is gorgeous.
$14.99 PICTURE
DL21 Porcelain Bride Doll
There are numbers on her neck that appears to be 61, but I can't make them out very well.
Apprx. 16".
Made of fine bisque porcelain it is unique in appearance and I believe the dress is hand sewn to recreate the essence of the era.
She comes in a Broadway Collections Box.
Looks like it may have been displayed at one time but it is still in very nice condition.
$14.99 PICTURE
DL22 Queena Mint Collection
16" Porcelain doll.
Comes with box.
DL23 Ashley Belle Collectible Porcelain Doll
With Box
Real doll lashes.
Beautiful velvet/satin like dress.
She is approx. 18 inches tall.
Georgeous auburn hair.
She comes in an Ashley Belle box but I am not certain if it is the original box or not.
Beautiful painted face with long eyelashes.
A very nice to addition to your collection.
$15.99 PICTURE
DL24 Ashley Belle Porcelain Keepsakes
16", hand painted.
Velvet dress.
Beautiful blond hair, blue eyes.

My Size Barbie
Marilyn Monroe

This is my first time to totally redo everything.
She is not perfect, you may want to do touchups.
Here she is in the closest I could find to her famous "Birthday" dress.
I didn't have a pattern and it is hand sewn.
Her 'breast augmentation' is not permanent and can be removed. It is not sewn in.
The worse part is the shoes.
I HATE the shoes.
These were my third try and I gave up.
They fit fine but I could not find gold glitter shoes, so I played around with what I could find.
Her hair is thinning just a little on top but you can comb it over and it looks fine.

Okay, yes there are some good parts.
She is still very pretty in my opinion and I am kinda proud considering she is my first.
She is an original My Size Barbie.
36 inches tall.
Her earrings are new and as close to diamond look as I could find.
$125.00 PICTURE 1
Picture 3
DL26 16" Porcelain Beauty
I can't find any markings on this one.
She is apprx. 16" tall.
There is a little mark right underneath her right eye.
I am not sure what it is but it may come off.
She has beautiful blue eyes with very long lashes.
Her face makeup is perfect.
There is a small flaw on the collar of her dress.
A small patch of the velvet is missing.
Her hair could use a little work but it is not bad at all.
Her hat is also velvet.
She doesn't have a box.
A real beauty for your collection.

My Size Barbie
Brown Hair

Lady In Red
My Size Barbie
She is in a professionally sewn dress, perfect in my opinion.
I would like to take credit for it but unfortunately I can't.
Her re-done hair is a wig.
A tad smaller than I would like, but unless you pull the hair all the way up it is not noticeable.
She has on brand new shoes that fit almost perfectly.
Her makeup has been completely re-done and sealed.
She has her original earrings and necklace.
She also has original eyelashes and sealed lips.
It looks like a couple are missing.
The doll is in played with, but very nice condition.
A few small scratches, but nothing major.
Nice gift for your special little girl or your special big girl.
$125.00 PICTURE