So you decided to surf on in here and find out a little bit about the bloke they call Jonesy hey?
Sit back and relax while I talk to you about being a qualified Chef licensed Crowd controller and now sailor in the Royal Australian Navy. Oh yeh and I am studying part time for a degree in Business Management ( although I dont think I want to do that any more). I can hear you say Who cares?? But you see my friend I am one of the few privelidged people who have Cerebal Palsy

You know I struggled to find an employer to give me a job as a chef
I had to argue to get my car licence
There were concerns whether I could be a crowd controller
And getting in the Navy?? Forget it too disabled

Well you know what to anyone that has ever doubted me in the past and to anyone who will doubt me in the Future All I can say is Shove it where it fits!! Cause I am me I have a disability and I am a winner!! The more walls you put up the better my climbing skills get.

The lord allowed me to have Cerebal Palsy for a reason because I am So bloody stubborn and I will fight and I will WIN. If the experiences I have had in life assist just one person Then friends as far as I am concerned my life will have been a success. At 25 years old I expect I will have plenty more years to continue fighting Not because I am a crusader for people with disabilities but because I love a fight specially against the government and Large organisations.

Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eyes off your goals

You know that is so true I dont care who you are or what your disabilty is ( oh and By the way everyone has a disability I am fortunate I can see mine.......... can you see your's??) If you get knocked backed or told you cant or your not normal you pick yaself right back up and you go back at em twice as hard If you want something bad enough it is possible to get it!! I hope people see me as a living testimony of that.

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