....to my world.
Won't you come on in?

You have entered the twisted cyber-mind of John Doh, Esq. You will never be the same again.I'm serious.

As the TRUE founder of the Internet (In yer face, Gore!), I felt it timely and necessary to concentrate my various creative projects under one roof.

To show my Mother Theresa-like humility, I decided to utilize this free Geocities site rather than shell out $$$$ for a real domain. This is just my small way of showing solidarity with all you little people out there with all your puny little webpages. I hope you appreciate my megalomaniacal gesture. OVER AND OUT!!!!

P.S. And as a special treat to you-our Web surfing visitors-John Doh, Esq. has penned this snippet of breathtaking poetry. Enjoy!

There are Rampaging Lesbians in my Brain…
In my Brain! In my Brain!
There are Rampaging Lesbians in my Brain…
Et tu, Chastity Bono?

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