In his native Chinese dialect, "Doh" roughly translatesinto the following: "The iron-fisted, stinky-assed lad from HunanProvince." Indeed, a fitting appellation for a man legendary in bothbody odor and ass-kicking ability....................

As a veteran of over 50 black-and-white stagfilms, John Doh, Esq. brings a unique perspective to the world ofmovie reviewers. Chantale Poof-Poof from the Cannes Arts Tribune hadthis to say about the prolific actor: " Doh IS acting. The mereinflection of his voice, the gaze of his bloodshot eyes, the flick ofhis zipper…now that is acting personified! Viva la France! Viva l'art!Viva le Doh!"

His critical success in the art-film world could not repair a deeppersonal void he felt at the very center of his being. To fill thisemptiness, John descended into what he now calls his "Margot Kidderperiod". A drunk, promiscuous, mentally-ill, drug-addicted Dohstarted to run with the fast "Eurotrash" crowd. Days melted into nightsand back into days again as the once disciplined actor spiraled furtherand further out of control. It all cumulated on the night of November8th, 1974.

In one wild and fateful evening the drug-induced Doh dancedwith Margaret Trudeau at Studio 51; fought bare-knuckled with AndyWarhol (John lost); sang God Save the Queen with the Sex Pistols;played a round of golf with Dean Martin; got a tattoo on his butt withthe words "Death Before Dishonor"; rode a Harley hog to Sturgis with theHells Angels; fought bare-knuckled again, but this time with DenisHopper (John won); combed Farrah Fawcett 's hair as Lee Majors wasforced to watch; joined G. Gordon Liddy for a little burglary; andfinally went for a whizz 'cause he'd been holding it in all night. Whenhe awoke the next morning John had an unpleasant surprise waiting forhim: at some point during the past revelry he had inadvertently signedup for a 12-year hitch in the French Foreign Legion!

Now a fugitive from French justice, John Doh, Esq. devoteshimself exclusively to the Internet. His website has garnered him many kudos (although he can't recall any at themoment).

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