Welcome to Joe and Sherri Ann's Adoption Page

We met in 1992 through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off.  We were married in a catholic church in 1997 when Sherri Ann was 22 and Joe was 25.  We recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, yet we feel like we were just married.  We both come from large Italian families with a lot of love to give.  Joe has two older sisters and one younger brother.  Sherri Ann has one younger brother.  We do not live far from our immediate families and we spend a lot of time together with our parents and siblings. 

We love traveling, music, cooking, baseball and most of all, spending time with family and friends.  We spend many weekends with our nieces and nephews whether we are at our house playing a game or doing a craft or at the park during the warmer months. 

We are a happily married couple.  We are nurturing, warm and family oriented with the same values and goals. 

To Someone Special,

We can only imagine how difficult this is for you and we admire your courage and strength during this tough time.  Please know we only want the best for you and your baby and we are thankful that you chose an adoption plan for your child.  Your baby will have a happy home filled with much love and laughter.  Your baby is very much wanted by all of us and our family. We hope you find peace in your decision.  
We are qualified as Certified Adoptive Parents and we are home study approved.

If you would like to get to know us please call us toll free at 866-587-7775.
If you prefer to speak with our lawyers,
Denise Seidelman or Nina Rumbold, they can be reached at 888-962-3001.
You should also feel free to contact us by email: 
Sherri Ann
Letters from our Nieces

We own a three bedroom home in a nice New York suburban lakeside neighborhood. Our community is very child-oriented and the schools are excellent.  There are many parks, lakes and nature trails in our area.   We are just an hour away from all the museums, Broadway plays and all other recreation Manhattan has to offer.
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