Why do dancers do some extra ordinary things? This is my interpratation of them and some explanations to why we do them!

~dance down the hall way instead of walk down the hallway
Same reasons we practise when we are bored. Dance is a way of life, it's more than just in the studios!

~Start stretching whenever sitting on the floor or watching TV
Flexibility is one of the very hard obstacle in dance. Every dancer wants to have more and more flexibility and therefore they start stretching whenever possible.

~Notice every dance mistakes in TV and movies
Dancers learn a lot by looking and watching. Therefore, when they watch a film on dance, they automatically notice the "little" mistakes such as non-pointed feet.

~tights with the crotch cut out to make a sweater
Tights made sweaters are really comfortable and they do indeed keep you warm. If it also a very good way to make use of half ruined tights!

~Start practising steps when bored
Dance is very demanding of dancers and it takes lots of time and effort and most importantly delication and commitment. Dancers that love to dance enough would want to be with it at all times. PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT and therefore dancers practise not only in their studios but every where they can!

~Socks over tights
We wear socks over tights primarily for the same reason that we wear socks over our pointe shoes and soft shoes. But sometimes we do it to keep our shoes clean!

~wear socks with the toes cut off over pointe shoes
Wear socks over pointe shoes keeps our feet and ankles warm but the whole socks would interfere with our pointe work, so with the toes part of the socks cut off!

~Wear tights underneath pants or shorts
Some dancers just feel more comfortable with tights on, there's no explanation for that. Some wear them because of dress codes and some because there's no time to change once they got to their studios!

~Leg warmers on arms
Our legs gets cold but so do our arms! Sometimes a long-sleeved leotard just isn't enough!

~Use our hands a lot
We dancers use our hands and arms a lot when we are in conversations. That's because we use them an awful lot in dance to express our feelings.

~Use hair spray not only for hair
Some people might say it's HAIR spray, of course you use it on your hair. But did you know that hair spray work well as instant glue for your ribbons and they are also a really good friend when it comes to wiping of makup on your costumes?

~have nail polish handy to stop runs NOT for our nails
Tights get runs in them easily! The easiest way to stop them getting worse is to use nail polisth and therefore we use them more for our tights than our nails!

~afraid to show our "hard-working" toes
Dancers, especially those that are en pointe are normally afraid to show their toes. Their toes are usually scratched, brused or covered with blisters and caluses which isn't exactly the prettiest sight in the world.

~Tape their toes
Dancers tape their toes for several different reasons. I for one tape my toes so that I don't get blisters en pointe.

~feet pointed, legs turned out and knees perfectly stretched in flex arm hang and chin-ups
Dancers are used to using their leg muscles believe it or not, for dancers, flex arm hang and chin-ups are actually easier this way since you don't have to think about your legs!



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