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hether you're a dedicated movie buff or an occasional moviegoer, the film industry plays an important "role" in modern times.  Movies
create fashion trends,  popular phrases, #1 music hits, and merchandise frenzies.   It is for those with an interest in the film phenomenon that this site is dedicated.

The reviews in Movie-Lite reflect individual opinion and are intended for entertainment purposes only.

SITE NEWS:  Movie-Lite returns!!  After a hiatus to get married and write a book, Jade's reviews are back!  To celebrate, lots of reviews have been added along with a search engine to make it easier for you to find a specific review!

The not-so-good news: During a server crash, many older reviews were lost.  Movie-Lite will recreate them as the reviewer is able.  Thanks for your patience!

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"Jade", aka Janell Schiffbauer, is an avid moviegoer whose background in education combines with a passion for writing and  livelihood in web design to result in the creation of a number of informative web sites and newsletters over the years.
After growing up in a renowned show-biz family (and dabbling a bit in it herself), she now resides east of Hollywood with her husband, prop builder and actor Michael Schiffbauer.  She has 6 children ages 7 to 19.

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