Boudha, Nepal w/Ganesh Himal in the background.  Taken from the Boudhanath Stupa
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A Shortie on Language
    Words create our reality.  Until a word is created to express an idea in our language, that thought simply doesn't exist.  When indigenous languages disappear they take a piece of that reality with them. 
     In the Indian and Nepali languages there is no word for lesbian.  If you try to explain it to the average South Asian, they will not understand.  Since it does not exist in their language, the concept is difficult to grasp and fit into the reality they know.  Atheist and agnostic are also words that do not exist in those countries.  Since they don't exist, they cannot understand how a person can live without religion.  Disagree with your religion, maybe, but not live without one. It was much the same when eastern religions came to the west.  We had no word for karma, so until that word was imported, the concept really didn't exist for us.
When you expand your language, you open your reality.
05JAN2008 -
06MAR2005 - How many dyke lovers does it take to run a woman-hating White House-hold?
    Reading the latest Utne mag I came across an intresting peice of info.  It turns out that little Mary Cheney wasn't the first in her family to have a thing for lesbians...  Back in 1981 Signet published Dick Cheney's wife's steamy lesbian romance novel Sisters
     Ohhh  The irony abounds...  The book includes such conservative family values as:  prostitution, rape, sex out of wedlock, sex between women, adultery, and even feminist inclinations.  Most interesting of all is that the lesbian women are not punished by the heavens for the things they do.  Some readers even say that Lynne's vision of the 19th century west is better for women than the society being created by her husband and his partner in crime, Dubya.
     Sadly, the right-wingers are adamant about erasing the existence of this book from history, so the cheapest ones out there go for a whopping $300 (original price: $2.50).  But luckily for us poorer left-wingers and moderates, others with access to the book have shared the wealth on the great WWW:
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