Those who come from the graves
Who dare threaten those who are good
Will be forced from the darkness of their caves
And from the places where they once stood
Those with false power and untruthful grins
Will surely parish for all thir wrongs
For a wise man once said that "lies run sprints,
But the truth runs marathons,"
--Creator Of 'The Darkness



New layout!!! Whoo Hoo! The whole site has been "revamped" i should say lol. The "scary" and "latest" part of the the gallery isn't up yet but I'm workin on it...I promise. The "Haunted" fan fic will be added soon *hopefully*. I've added my online journal to the "about me" section...if ya'll care lol. I've added an interactive section, which includes the darkness forum (which has also been REVAMPED--go check it out!), interactive stories and games (i'll be sure to add to them). I will be adding a new section soon dedicated to a couple of fan communities I love and ya'll need to check out! Other than that....Have fun!


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