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 Operation Rescue Sisbert

Wedge and Wes used a set of stairs to access the second floor.  They were at the opposite end of the building from their target, with their next assigned position--another men's fresher--in between them and her.  There they would wait for the signal, under their assumed roles, and perform their part of the plan.  And what a performance it would be.

Wedge had assumed Face would take on this part of the mission with Wes, but he'd insisted on being the point man, since he was the most exposed of them all, and could probably play his role off the cuff if he had to.  Myn and Kell were the most technical of the quintet, so their parts had been obvious.  That left poor Wedge, with Wes, to make a spectacle of himself for the sake of the mission.

"Not looking forward to this, are you?" Wes commented.  For once, he wasn't grinning.

"Not in the slightest," Wedge answered, sighing quietly.

"It'll be all right.  And it's for a good cause, right?"

Wedge turned to look at his friend, sitting in the edge of the counter, between two sinks, his feet swinging freely beneath him.  "That's the only reason I agreed to it."

Wes was silent for a moment, then smiled wickedly.  "Too bad I won't be able to get a holo of it."

"You would just love that, wouldn't you.  Show it off to the rest of the squad, publicly humiliate me."

"I think you are the one who's about to voluntarily publicly humiliate yourself."

"The only plus is that you'll be humiliated alongside me," Wedge answered, running one hand through his hair.

"Oh, it takes a lot more than this to humiliate me.  Remember, I was lured naked into a room filled with all my so-called friends, all staring at my--"

"Wes!"  Wedge smiled, turning to glare at him.  But it softened into a grin.  "That was rather funny, wasn't it?  And that I do have a holo of."

"And when I find that holo, you'll--"

Wes was interrupted by a soft click from Wedge's comlink, followed by a double-click.  Pulling the device from his pocket, Wedge used his thumb to click three times, signaling their readiness.

He turned to Wes, who hopped off the counter.   "Well, here goes nothin'."



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