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 Operation Rescue Sisbert
Part Five

Face watched as Kell and Myn moved into the building, disappearing around a sharp corner.  He took a deep, calming breath, exhaled it slowly, then looked down at his tie.

"Blasted thing..."  Face used his reflection in the transparisteel window of the truck to try and get himself sorted, before making his own breach of the building.  He was, after all, the point man for the mission, who would spur everyone into action, and it wouldn't do to look disheveled and un-business like.

He managed to get the tie to look what he considered normal, then took another deep breath.  It required only a moment for him to fall into character, fixing his face into something approximating bored indifference--the "stunned desk jockey" he called it--then headed into the building.

Using the map that he'd memorized to guide his steps, Face passed the supply room that had been Wes and Wedge's first stop, and continued straight to the turbolift, to head up to the second floor.  When the doors to the lift closed, he pulled his comlink out of a pocket, holding it in his palm.  Once the doors opened on the second floor, he clicked it once.  A second later, a double-click returned to him.  Another couple of seconds after that, a triple click.  They were set.


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