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 Operation Rescue Sisbert

They sat crouched side by side on the top of their building, one shading his eyes to try and see better, the other using optical equipment to pierce the glare and tint of the windows of the building opposite them.  The sun was behind them, eclipsing their outlines in brightness--they would be very difficult to spot.  But of course, that was the point.

"Did she say--"

"Yes, she did."

"Oh, ok.  Well, what about--"

"No, I don't think so."

"I really hate when you do that."

"I know."

"And that's why you do it, isn't it?"

"But of course."  Face lowered his optical enhancer, and grinned infuriatingly up at his taller companion.  "I get my kicks where I can."

"I think you--down!!"  Kell dropped, flattening out onto his stomach, and pushed his commander down beside him with a hand firmly planted on the back of Face's head.  Kell got a fiendish delight seeing Face's nose pressed into the grimy rooftop.

"Four, 'm down 'bout as far as 'll get," Face whispered, his lips twisted to the side so he could speak.

"Whoops, sorry," Kell whispered back, finally letting go of Face's head.  His commander ran a hand back through his dark hair, and rubbed at his cheek.  All he succeeded in doing was smearing the gooey black grime.  But Face wouldn't know that.  Kell suppressed a snicker.

"What did you see, Three?"

"Someone came out the main entrance.  Couldn't take the chance of being spotted."

Face raised an eyebrow.  "We're four floors up, the sun at our backs, and no one has any reason to suspect we're coming...  You just wanted to shove me into the grunge, didn't you."

"I get my kicks where I can," Kell tossed back, then rooted through his small pack.


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