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Cris and I received an email from someone, about our site.
Amongst other questions, he had one about our insanity challenge.
This story stemmed from that question
(If I told you what the question was, I'd give it away, so read on)


 The Mission

Corran turned out the light, dropping the room into deep shadows. Even darker silhouettes were cast by the furniture--the long, lean form of a chair, the shorter, squat shape of the sofa. It made getting around that much more difficult, but Corran Horn was never one to shy away from a challenge. Besides, if he was going to pull this off, he needed the cover of darkness. If he was caught...

He shuddered at the consequences of being caught. They were too awful to even consider. So silent movement and careful caution were the order of the day. His burgeoning Jedi powers and skills as a pilot would not help him here. No, he would have to go back further than both of those abilities, back to a time with the Corellian Security Force. Expertise in insertion, in silent movement, in listening to your surroundings and hearing everything you needed to hear. Yes, this would indeed be a difficult mission, but the reward was well worth it.

Corran dropped into a crouch, remaining silent as he hid in the shadow of a table. He listened, studied, then made his move. With a fluidity of motion that were borne of years of training, he drooped and rolled behind the couch. There he stopped again, listening for any sign that he had been discovered. Silence. Time to move again.

It didn't take him long to make it across the room to the far door--his target. With a quick, jerking motion, he glanced around the jamb. There was only darkness beyond, with a slight glow from the transparisteel window on the left. It gave off enough light for him to see his objective...the drawer.

Just a few steps, only a few steps and you'll have it. Only a couple meters in can do it.

Corran breathed deeply, settling his thoughts. This would take a great amount of stealth, if he was to get in and out without being spotted by the occupant. She was asleep, but if he screwed this up, she wouldn't be for long. And if she discovered him, found out his objective...

He put those thoughts aside. Have to concentrate on the objective, the mission... He shifted quietly onto his hands and knees, crawling slowly across the floor to the drawer. Quiet, have to be quiet. Can't let her hear, can't let her see...

In only a few moments, Corran was at the drawer. No movement from the bed, no shifting in her sleep. So far, so good. He reached carefully for the drawer, beginning to slide it open. It was stiff, and made a soft grinding noise as wood slid against wood. He paused, waited to see if she would notice. Again, she didn't stir.

All right, get into the drawer, find it, escape...

Reaching his hand into the small gap between tabletop and drawer edge, Corran gently sifted through the contents. Finally, his hand fell on what could only be his objective. He slowly withdrew it, his eyes constantly on the bed. As the item pulled free of the drawer, his lips curved up into a smug smile, which he quickly tried to suppress. Easy, Horn. You're not home free just yet...

He left the drawer open, not taking the chance of making noise while closing it. He carefully withdrew the way he had entered, breathing a silent sigh of relief when the bedroom was behind him. With his prize deftly tucked away, he headed for his final destination.

When Corran reached the room he wanted, he straightened, closing the door behind him, locking it. With a wave of his hand over the infrared switch, the glow panels came to life, momentarily blinding him. He closed his eyes, letting light glow through his eyelids, and his eyes grow accustomed to it.

A few minutes later, Corran was running water in the bathtub. This was the last part of his mission, the big payoff. This is what all the planning, the effort, had been for. He smiled. Pulling his prize out from the pocket he had tucked it into, he smiled again, holding it before him.

"Hello Mr. Ducky" he cooed, petting it gently on top of it's rubber head. "It's bath time."


Note from author: Sorry, but my imagination made me do it :0)


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