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Insanity challenge piece submitted by "AgAK".


Myn Donos hummed as he worked. It was a nameless tune, and he pretty much made it up as he went along, but it made him happy as he set about his task. He liked to do things like this for her--Falynn Sandskimmer, the woman who had brought life back into his rather bland existence. She never expected it from him, but she always smiled at him when he offered it to her or did it for her. That made any effort worthwhile.

Crossing the modest kitchen, he opened the small refrigeration unit, glancing across the contents. There wasn't that much, since they'd only been back about twenty-four hours from their latest Wraith mission. But there was enough of what he needed. He filled his arms with containers and packages, then turned back to the counter. He hummed a little louder as he set to work making a sandwich from the leftover nerf they'd ordered in the night before, shortly after returning.

The sandwich completed, he took a plastine container out of the cupboard. Next, he found a small, sharp knife and halved the lunch in two. He then flipped the knife so that the blade was in his hand, then flicked it quickly over his shoulder. With a thunk, it dug into the cork message board over the small kitchen table at the far side of the room. He finally turned, looking at his handiwork, and smiled. The knife was directly in the center of the small circle scrawled in red. It was surrounded by evidence of some not-so-precise shots.

Falynn will get the hang of it eventually, he thought with a chuckle. Just takes practice.

The humming continuing, Myn slipped the two halves of the sandwich into the container. That left a sizeable space to the left of it. He could fill that space with some rhuttin veggie slices, Falynn's favorites. So he returned to the fridge, half of his body disappearing as he dove deep, looking for the item he wanted.

A smiling face reappeared over the edge of the door, as Myn looked from the small wedges of vegetable, and the container on the counter. He closed his eyes, taking a piece between his fingers. Picture the counter, the container...Calculate the distance, the clearance, the bounce... Be one with the veggies...

Myn flicked the vegetable towards the counter, followed by a few more. He opened one eye, glancing towards the counter to see the pieces scattered around the counter. He laughed noisily, shaking his head as he closed the door of the fridge. What was I saying about practice? Good thing I snipe with a rifle.

He gathered up the rogue vegetables, dropping them next to the sandwich, and adding a few more. He was just fastening the cover to it when two delicate hands slid around his waist, then up across his chest.

"You're up early, love," she purred. "I guess I didn't give you a good enough work out last night."

Myn smiled, taking one hand and kissing it gently. "Oh, I got quite the workout last night," he answered, twisting in the circle of her arms so he could look down on her. "I just wanted to make sure you had a bite to eat for lunch later."

And there it was, that sweet smile, the one that only he saw, that she only offered to him. She lay a lingering kiss on his cheek. "Aw, that's awfully nice of you. All the other combatants will be jealous."

"No, I think they'll be unconscious when you're through with them," he teased, kissing the tip of her nose. "I'm just glad we got back in time for you to be able to compete. I know we'll be looking for a place for your trophy when we get back later."

She pulled away from him slightly, stretching. He couldn't keep his eyes from admiring her form. "In that case, I'd better go get ready. And let you finish my lunch," she added with a grin.

"You do that, sweetheart," he replied. She blew him a kiss, and headed back out towards the fresher. He smiled, returning his attention to the array of food in front of him. He began to hum happily again.


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