Insanity at work contains everything that Cris and Sue email back and forth to keep each other sane... or is that insane?

Includes short scenes, usually the result of fanfic challenges, coupons, and other various randomness. More to come...

NOTE: These stories are posted in the order that they were created. So, the newest ones will always be at the bottom

 An Insanity Challenge!

Have you ever wanted to see Wedge losing his hair over the perfect practical joke (maybe literally?) Corran in the bathtub with his rubber ducky? Wes being his usual charming self?

Here's your chance!

If you have an idea for a short "Insanity" piece, something crazy which you've always wanted to see, let us know! Drop us an email with a brief description of your idea, long or short, insane or... more insane :) We don't promise to use everything, but if something catches our fancy, we'll whip up a scene and give you credit for the initial idea (please let us know if you'd rather not be mentioned).

Self explanatory (Credits inside)
Dulenn    (by Cris & Sue)
Poor Hobbie gets the shock of his life

I'm Gonna Be...   (Cris & Sue)
Even Rogues have to work with a hangover...

Surprise!   (Sue)
Wedge finds an unexpected package on his desk, and all it says is "From Wes." You can imagine the rest...

Dishes   (Sue)
What happens when it's Wes's turn to do the dishes?

Hobbie's Wingspan   (Sue)
Always remember to lock the door when you shower...

Zzzzzzz (Sue)
Never snore when Wes is within earshot. Hobbie l earned that the hard way...

 It's Not That Bad...It's Worse! (Sue)
Wes Janson finally meets his match. What mission
 could reduce this Rogue to bribery and sulking?


The Adventure of Wedge Antilles: Amateur Detective   (Sue)
Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson...

140 KPH    (Sue)
Corran's in trouble.... What else is new?

Life's a Beach   (Cris & Sue)
Sun, sand, water, and women. A Rogues paradise...

Happens to the Best of Us   (Sue)
And Wedge is the best of us!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
   (Cris & Sue)
A bored Wes on a rainy day. Need we say more?

The Perfect Landing   (Cris)
An "Insanity Challenge" piece

Ouch   (Sue)
An "Insanity Challenge" piece

The Mission   (Sue)
Corran doing what Corran does best. You can guess the results! (insanity challenge...sort of)

 Lunch   Sue)
Myn Donos in a quiet moment at home. Who knew he  
 could play the happy-homemaker?


Ginn   (Sue)
Sometimes Hobbie does get the upper "hand."

In the Hangar   (Cris & Sue)
Rogues doing what Rogues do best... You get three guesses, but you have to read to know the answer...


Sickie Hobbie   (Sue)
Hobbie's feeling a little under the weather. As usual, he's not getting any sympathy...


One of Those Days   (Cris & Sue)
Rogues have their weak spots. They just don't do a very good job at admitting to it...

 Splat   (Cris & Sue)
Never let a Rogue get bored. NEVER. There will be consequences that you just DON'T want to deal with...

Operation Welcome Home  (Cris)

Note from Cris: I wrote this story for Sue while she was traveling for business. What better way to welcome her home, I thought, than to have four of her favorite pilots work up a special surprise? But, pilots being pilots, things didn't go exactly as planned...  All parts posted.

Operation Welcome Home - Part One

Operation Welcome Home - Part Two

Operation Welcome Home - Part Three

Operation Welcome Home - Part Four

Operation Welcome Home - Part Five

Operation Welcome Home - Part Six

Operation Welcome Home - Part Seven

Operation Welcome Home - Part Eight

Operation Welcome Home - Part Nine

Operation Welcome Home - Part Ten

Operation Rescue Sisbert  (Sue)

Note from Sue: When I was onsite in New Orleans, sitting behind a registration desk, bored to tears, Cris decided to write me a story in serial parts to give me something to look forward to each day. It was very much appreciated, and I hope everyone who read it appreciates and enjoys it as much as I do.

There came a point not too long after that Cris was having a tough time at work, with lots to do and some of it frustrating or annoying. So I wanted to rescue her from her job as much as she'd rescued me from mine.  All parts posted.

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part One

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Two

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Three

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Four

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Five

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Six

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Seven

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Eight

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Nine

Operation Rescue Sisbert - Part Ten

The Royal Purple   (Cris)
Written by Cris to Sue at work.

Major Attack   (Sue)
Sue's response to Cris's Insanity piece.

Genua Day   (Sue)
For anyone who has had to work on Christmas....

Ads  (Cris)
Some ads for
"pilot themed" TV shows that you may know and love...

All in a Day's Work
Wedge is having one of those days.  Again.

X-wing: Intimate Betrayal   (Cris) 
A rejected title (for obvious reasons) for X-wing: Betrayal inspires Cris to write the ultimate insanity!  Hold onto your hats, boys and girls...

Bacta Boys   (Cris)
Bacta boys, bacta boys, what they gonna do?  What they gonna do while they bob in goo...  Yes, folks, that is set to the tune of COPS.  Read on to find out who is in the bacta...may not be who you exepect!

Crazy Emails 
(Cris & Sue)
When a work day goes horribly, terribly wrong  ;-)

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