these are my private poems, keep out
did you grab my ass
Then do you want to

here are a list of my work
I will have my book up hear soon as it is typed and copyrighten
  1. My Darker Poems
      Those are not so dark as they are real
    1. All Minds Are Lost In Time - Because our souls have no free will
    2. A Place Of My Own - Dive a little deeper into my mind
    3. Following The Hearts Desire - Not much heart as there is desire
    4. Freedom In My Cell - Sides of others we seldom see
    5. Growing Up - A dark protrayel of modern schools
    6. My Careless Life - About losing something dear to me
    7. My Own Cumbersome - Some say its my best
    8. My Stone - It's not quite a new one now, Don't want to give away the meaning
    9. My Third Mistake - An everything I touch I break love story
    10. One Friend Remembered - I wrote this about a guy I knew, it still makes me think of what could've been
    11. Poor Little Evil Me - examples of superior morals and how they are ignored
    12. ReJection The First - (loser trilogy pt.1) The Asshole
    13. ReJection The Second - (loser trilogy pt.2) The Coward
    14. ReJection The Third - (loser trilogy pt. 3) The Abandoneer
    15. Six years Without You - A great patchwork poem
    16. Snake Bite - The best in my eyes
    17. Specimen - A childhood tale no one should read
    18. The Beast - Just a man and an aardavrk, kinda self-explainatory
    19. The Lighter Side Of Dark - A love story of sorts
    20. The Loner - Don't know if you could call it a love poem
    21. The Reckoning - This one even scares me
    22. The Sinner - Lust and temptation
    23. The Summoning - No interpatation would describe it
    24. To Let It Go - Giving in is losing novelty
    25. Torture - One mans bad expirences with a certain substance
    26. Humor Poems
        Those which are funny by accident, on purpose, or because they are stupid
      1. Ants Of The Holy - My aardvark revenge story
      2. Blind - Was Just moved from the love catergory for good reason
      3. Crusader - Hard to see, the dark side is
      4. Drunk At My House - Can't give it away now
      5. Fighting In The Streets,(filled with Rats) - Need to be read different
      6. Get It On - A simple poem about needs
      7. Insane - Did for a school assignment, still makes me laugh
      8. Two Days Late - Vocabulary assignment, two days late was written on it
      9. Leave Our Rooms Alone - A message form a boy who had nothing to say
      10. Nookie - Not like the song, three years older then the song
      11. Party - More of my youthful ignorance
      12. Stoner - see above
      13. The End - Ironic for this to come up last in alphabetical order
      14. Love Poems
          Just more crappy love poems
        1. A Loved One Passes - Not as cheesey as it is lame
        2. Amorous Paradox - Very sexy, or perverted, still one of my favorites
        3. Beauty Within - Cheesey crap love poem
        4. Do You Remember - Well, Do ya
        5. Hopeless Guardian - Love comes with responsiblity
        6. I Dream - I do, every night
        7. I love You - No, not you, someone else
        8. Legacy Lost - I'll take my 15 minutes to extremes to be remembered
        9. Link Of Mine - Love is blind, so it sees no evil
        10. Missing You - not ready yet - see above
        11. My Love For You - It's Just a name get over it
        12. My Need For Love - I need it more than you, so Just let me have it
        13. Shy - Yeah, you won't expect this if you know me
        14. That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You - Do you need more describtion
        15. The Way I love - I Jus wanna, say, maybe once
        16. Too Long Too Wait - A short epic of reckonsiliation
        17. Untitled - Don't know, It's untitled for a reason
        18. What Is Love - My First Real Poem
        19. W N L - Guess what those letters mean
        20. Zenith - Don't know the meaning, but it has a z
        21. Other Poems
            This is my miscellaneous catergory, so expect a lot of crap
          1. Apollo Genie - Arabian nights and greek mythology, but it's Just a name
          2. Behind This Lies - I spelled it right, so shut the fuck up
          3. Conquest - Not much more then crap
          4. Darkside Patriot - God be praised when times are good
          5. Death - To live in your eyes and I die in your lap
          6. Death From Above - Or any other way it takes to get rid of you
          7. Eat Not Of The Tree - Ignorance for purity, I choose the red pill
          8. Electric Wonderland - Like Disney World, only you can't leave
          9. Elemental Seasons - life without meaning, descriptions without emotion
          10. Fly Birdie As Long As You Can - Some stpuid shit you will think you undestand, but you won't
          11. Heartache - Don't even bother with this one
          12. I am the Monster - Yes, and you are not worthy
          13. Ignorance Of Man - Not Just you, but the women in your life
          14. Inspire Me Now - Or at least don't Just sit there and look stupid
          15. Message For All - My middle finger to the world, should anyone care
          16. Mid Summer Night - A beauty and a sadness about that which is doomed
          17. My Friend - Elements of life and culture
          18. My Life - Or is that what I want to believe
          19. No Control - Thats right, you have none
          20. No Paroll - I said no and I mean it
          21. One Soul Lost - Don't try to understand this, I doubt you will
          22. Open For Inturpetation - Why give it a name, your little mind won't comprehend it anyway
          23. Out Of Hope - Do it the butt, you know you want to
          24. Plot Of My Own - It's a nice plot and I'm not sharing
          25. Quick Recover - The runner and the chaser
          26. Satan Loves Me - How can we choose sides one man's opinion
          27. The Hunt - Go ahead, laugh, we'll see who ends up on top
          28. These Wings I Had To Bear - The weight is lefted and the burden remains
          29. Young In Doubt - Just a tale of exploided youth, and it's crap
          30. When It Comes Down - I can't censor myself, I can't lose what I made
          31. Short Stories
              More soon to come
            1. Dream - Send from a friend I met acrose great distance
            2. Story - one of no real importance or completion
            3. Other peoples work
                I will put up anything I find with artistic value
              1. antiaku - a very important and talented friend of mine who wants her name keep secret - shattered rose
              2. balance and struggle - shattered rose
              3. depart and denied - shattered rose
              4. destin for flith - shattered rose
              5. different than you say - shattered rose
              6. gift of pain - shattered rose
              7. hate - shattered rose - one of her best in my eyes
              8. It Hurts To Miss You Now - Merlyssa
              9. just one new thing - shattered rose
              10. misguided eyes - shattered rose
              11. My Love for You - William Scott Gagnon III
              12. my poet friend - shattered rose
              13. only as I dream - Andrea Lynn Bukowski - very talented cyber companion
              14. pain - shattered rose
              15. Paradise - Andrea Lynn Bukowski
              16. proformity - shattered rose
              17. Remember - William Scott Gagnon III (My brother)
              18. sugar and lies - shatered rose
              19. Superwomen - William Scott Gagnon III
              20. The Aardvark Is Rising - Grant Shemchenko
              21. these lies - shattered rose
              22. Twisted - Andrea Lynn Bukowski
              23. uncorking champaign - shattered rose
              24. untitled - nameless
              25. Whistling In The Dark - Grant Shemchenko
              26. New work
                  Too lazy to update site completely
                1. Revolting door
                2. Tonight
                3. Past Affection
                4. Secret Silence
                5. Prying Eyes
                6. Message In A Bottle
                7. The Divide
                8. The process
                9. Bittersweet Emptiness

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