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Imoen Foundation Boxer Imoen Foundation Boxer
A weekend out at Agility

~ Soda ~



Soda is our foundation bitch and my greatest Boxer love. Soda never leaves my side and can be frequenty found cuddling up with me...Life just wouldn't be the same without her and I will be in dept to her forever, as she was the beginning of the wonderful dogs that I have now....

I started showing Soda in conformation at the beginning of 2002 and although she gained points towards her Australian Championship title, she decided that the show ring was not to her liking. She was entered into agility training, which is where she excelled! She gained her Novice Agility title in June 2003 and her Novice Jumping title in November 2003, making her the first Boxer living in the ACT to gain such titles!

I am very proud of her gaining these titles. Now retired, although she is still enthusiatic in teaching the others how to take the obsacles, Soda is also a great mother.

Soda takes great pride in her puppies, and so she should, as she has produced a couple of fabulous litters.
Her first litter was born in August of 2001, where she produced some lovely puppies with nice bone and good heads. Out of this litter we kept AUST CHAMPION IMOEN FIRST APPEARANCE.
Her second and final litter proved as successful where we kept AUST CHAMPION IMOEN THE PERFECT SCORE.

Show/Agility Results: 

Soda was never keen to be part of the show ring, but she excelled at agility and jumping, gaining her titles easily in a short space of time.
For show and agility results click here....


Soda has been my shadow ever since she was little, so taking photos of her is never really that hard!
For Photos of Soda click here....


                                                AUST. CH. BOYSTOCK TIME AND AGAIN
                       BOYSTOCK NEW TAIPAN
                                               AUST. BOYSTOCK OLD FASHIONED
                                                AUST.CH. ANJUCRA JUMPIN JUPITER
                       COOINBEAU SUPREME GEM
                                                AUST. CH. INTRENDS AUNTIE MAME


                                                AUST. CH. BOYSTOCK TIME AND AGAIN
                       BOYSTOCK NEW TAIPAN
                                                BOYSTOCK OLD FASHIONED
                                                AUST. CH. GUNTOP SHADOWMAN
                        GUNTOP SWEET DREAMS
                                                GUNTOP ROCKABYE