The Other Characters

Flem     Voiced by Howard Morris
Earl       Voiced by Dan Castenella

Dad        Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Mom      Voiced by  Candi Milo

Momma had a chicken, momma had a cow, dad was proud, he didn't care how. Mom and Dad, as they are known, are two insane, yet highly intelligent pairs of legs.  They are pairs of legs because Red rubbed out their top halves.  Dad met Mom in the army, before he became a man.  He was competing with Major Wedgie for Mom, but it turned out Dad won.  When Cow asked Mom and Dad about the day she was born, Mom said the stork brought her, Dad said he found her in a cabbage.  Mom and Dad also seem to laugh hysterically at the most inappropriate times.  Dad's favorite line is "manly, yes, but I like it too!"

Flem and Earl are the bonehead friends of Chicken.  They both live together in Flem's house, whith Flem's dad, who always dresses like a boy scout.  Usually, they are just along to hang out with Chicken, like the time they helped him break into the girls bathroom, or the time they were in PE in Jr. High and were stuck in the hallways naked.  Another time, they thought they were stranded at sea, but it turns out they were just in the bathtub experiencing steam-induced amnesia.

Jolly Roger
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Jolly Roger is a big fat oaf that has been appearing lately in several Weasel cartoons.  I believe he got his start in the C&C episode "Capt. Butz Pirate".  He is an idiot, so he interacts well with I R Baboon.  He may even be stupider than I R, if that's possible.

Boneless Chicken
Voiced by   Charlie Adler
Cousin Boneless Chicken is the favorite relative of both Cow and Chicken.  He is a surly, middle aged, bitter man, probably because he has no bones.  He flew kites in 'Nam (not Vietnam, Nam, Wisconsin). Once he was trapped on the roof with Cow. Another time, Chicken ran away to live with him, and chicken stole Bonless' date, so he called the cops.

Voiced by Candi Milo
Cow and Chickens grade school teacher, known only  as teacher, is a mean surly person who always tells her students to "SHUT YER PIEHOLES!".  She has a husband, Harvey.  Though she is usually only seen as Cow and Chickens teacher, she was also at the rodeo one time watching I.M. Weasel, and another time Weasel and Babono had a chrush on her while at the gym.

Loulabelle is the blonde bombshell girlfriend of I M Weasel.  She is somtimes Weasel's assistant too.  She likes to give him piggyback rides.

Sow is the mean cousin pig cousin of Cow.  When she visted, she tried to get Cow in Trouble by framing her for a bunch of practical jokes.

Snail Boy
Another Cousin of Cow and Chicken, a snail, went to C&C's school and helped them win the relay race, but not before totally emabarrassing Chicken.

Black Sheep
Another relative of Cow and Chickens, he was blamed for many things that went wrong simply because he was the black sheep of the family.

Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Grampa appeared to Chicken one time in the cafeteria, and they convinced him to open the happy meat stand to compete with Mrs Barederriere's ketchup.

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