Voiced by: Charlie Adler

I R Baboon is a complete idiot.  He is usually I M Weasel's sidekick, but I R feels he is better than that "Idiot weezel".  However, whenever I R tries to compete against Weasel, he usually fails.  I R has a huge bright red butt, and he usually wears a pink shirt with his name written upside down and backwards on it.  He sniffs his finger often.  Weasel once hypothosized that he sniffs his finger because he misses his mommy.  Once, I R became a mommy.  Another time, he saved Red and his kids from a fire, and he was made a hero.  He also tried to be the first astronaut on the sun, but weasel thwarted that attempt.  Baboon talks with the worst grammer, usually saying "I R not liking idiot weasel" and crud like that.  However, despite all this, I R Baboon and I M Weasel still remain friends. 

I.R. Baboon, big star of cartoon

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