The Two People who made these shows what they are,
David Feiss and Charlie Adler

David Feiss

David Feiss is one of the greatest cartoonists of all time.  He is a vertern animator whose previous credits include AlfTales and the Secret Squirel remakes in the 1990's.  He created Cow and Chicken in 1994 as part of Hanna-Barberra's attempt to revive the cartoon heydays of the 60's.  The show became a smash hit and was nominated for several Annie Awards and Emmy Awards.  Cartoon Network decided to make the show a regular part of their programming and Cow and Chicken ran 4 season of 26 episodes a piece.  Cow and Chicken can still be seen on Cartoon Network everyday.  I Am Weasel was intended to be the back up show to Cow and Chicken, but it gained enough popularity that it finally got its own seperate show in 1999.  All the episodes made have been shown as far as I know as of 11/26/99.  On November 14, 1999 I had the extraordinary chance to meet David Feiss at an autograph signing at the Warner Brothers Store in Sacramento, California.  Here is a picture of David Feiss and I.

David Feiss is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  His whole family met me, and I talked with his aunt Sammy for quite a bit.  She is the one resposible for these pictures, she was nice enough to take them for me because I forgot my camera.  I hope to meet him again real soon.

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler is a genius voice actor.  He does the voices of Cow, Chicken, Red Guy, and I R Baboon as well as a few others on the show.  Charlie Adler has had a long career of voice acting, some of his shows include: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Smurfs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Rocko's Modern Life, Eek The Cat,  Powerpuff Girls, and many many other roles in other shows.  Looking at his filmography, I realized I had been watching Adler's work my whole life and never even realized it.  It was then that I realized what a true genius he is.  He is the Mel Blanc of this generation. (In case you don't know, Mel Blanc was the voice of every Looney Toons character).  At the same meeting where I met David Feiss, I also met Charlie Adler.  He has an extremely sharp wit and is a great person to be around.  He interacts very well with the little kids, doing all the voices for them and making them laugh.  I hope to meet him again real soon.  Click here to see another picture from the signing of David Feiss and Charlie Adler in action. The dorky guy in the back wearing the C&C shirt is me.

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