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Hoppin' Hollands Rabbitry

Welcome to the Hoppin' Hollands Rabbity! We are a small rabbity located in Boise, Idaho specializing in Holland Lops. Starting up in 2006, we breed both for show and for temperament. Since we are small, our rabbits are handled daily. We love different colored varieties.

May 2nd, 2009: We've had our first litter of the year and put up pics of the new "little ones". Also decided to let a couple of our older rabbits go, so we updated "Our Hollands" page and the "For Sale" page.

April 12th, 2009: Finally updated the website after almost a year and a half hiatus. Updated "Our Hollands" page and "Links" page. Placed a note on the "For Sale" page to the timing of our next three litters. Thanks for stopping by!

September 3rd, 2007: We made it through the Western Idaho Fair with Bugs Buddy taking a 1st place ribbon and Prince Charming and Mocha taking 2nd place ribbons in their respective classes. We did sell Prince Charming, and moved Frosty to the "For Sale" page. Also, we added our newest additions to the "Our Hollands" page.

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