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[1*27*05] i updated the join and submit pages! yay! i really want people to work with, i am oh so lonely working on my own... email me HERE. ta! [1*26*05] yeah that was the worng date- it is still the same day, bt really a different one than the one i wrote. sry. [1*25*05] (i think thats today...) happy snow day everyone! Only 2 midterm days left, and 3 left for me!! yay!!!. well, thats all and i have time so i am updating stuff- i've started to work on bios. ta! [1*20*05] Umm. hi. i am in x-block. i have Immortal Rain stuff up. I have peacemaker kurgane stuff at home. Gina says "hi, people online!! some times i can actually be quiet, like when i'm alone" some how, i seriously doubt that. gina is, hyper (to say the least). do you like my new layout! i made it my self
[1*11*05] I just applied for a real host-! if i get it i will be able to have more cool stuff and the site will look better. i apologize for all this mess, but i really am trying. geocities is hard to work. well, wish me luck! ~becca

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This site is about anime, manga, Japan and all that good stuff. I just started so my content is pretty thin. But i will add, because i finally have time. Time. an elusive property that i always run out of before my task is done. that is why i am failing math. and science. and english. and probably alot of other stuff. My name is rebecca, and i am the 'hitokiri unknown' because you don't know who i am, do you. ( if you do, congratulations! you've found my site) i call my self hitokiri because otaku(anime freak) was already taken and hitokiri is japanese for 'assassin". and if you know, we can all say i'm pretty violent.(And freakish, but see above) also, my favorite anime is kenshin, and he is hitokiri battosai and kenshin is based on hitokiri gensai. i'm also a bad speller.

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