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  The year 2001 brings us both good news and bad. First, the bad news. Due changes in the rules for the SuperStreetStock division at Illiana Motor Speedway, we are no longer able to race and be competitive. This has not only forced us out, but numerous other teams as well. While we hope that we will be racing again soon, we cannot spend our time or money trying to race in a division that is no longer competitive. 
And now for the good news. Everyone here at has enjoyed creating this web site so much, that we want to continue to do so.  So we will. But now the focus of this site has changed. Our goal now is to bring you as much info on the world of short track racing, as is humanly possible. This will take great effort on our part, but we think it will be worth it. It will also take time. So please check back often as our endeavor unfolds and have patience. We will strive to bring you the best racing site on the net!

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